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TOP 10 Best Under The Cabinet Microwaves [2024 Reviews]

What is The Best Under The Cabinet Microwave?

Under-cabinet microwaves can be installed beneath cabinets by a professional or experienced person. They are positioned in the cabinet and can generally fit within the cabinet space.

When compared with countertop microwaves, under-cabinet and over-the-range microwaves can save space. Under-cabinet microwaves provide a variety of features that a conventional microwave doesn’t. Let’s look at how to utilize an under-cabinet microwave oven.

Advantages of an Under The Cabinet Microwave

While there are some negatives with an under cabinet oven, it has many advantages. Under-cabinet microwaves are available in a variety of styles and models. Certain brands also offer drawers similar to microwaves in under cabinets.

Types of Under Cabinet Microwaves:

Three primary kinds of microwaves are under the cabinet. Each is designed to meet a distinct requirement within the space of an under-cabinet microwave oven. They include the following: Over-the-Range Microwaves, Ventless Microwaves, and Integrated Microwave Ovens.

Over-the-Range Microwaves

They are attached to the ceiling or wall above your stove; typically, with arms that extend over the area, you’d normally cook food.

They function the same way as microwaves under cabinets, with one exception; they can vent their fumes outwards so that you do not have to worry about airflow when using them for cooking food on the stove! They can be nearly as loud as an ordinary microwave oven due to their huge vent fans!

Ventless Microwaves

They are specially designed for apartments and homes that don’t allow traditional vented microwaves. This is the reason they’re referred to as ventless microwaves.

Instead of using a vented outside-the-home venting device, small air pumps draw the fumes and steam downwards to the cooktop, where it can disperse safely.

Be aware that these microwaves can be louder than the average under-cabinet microwave oven because of the loud internal fans!

Integrated Microwave Ovens

They’re a gorgeous type of microwave. They can be easily mounted within your cabinetry and feature an integrated probe inserted into the cabinet. You do not have to worry about bent, reaching or spilling grease all over the new microwave.

You can open the hidden drawer and set your food item while cooking. When you shut the drawer to cook food, a red light lets you know it’s running. When it’s finished cooking, it automatically opens to the open position so you can take your food out!

The TOP 10 Best Under The Cabinet Microwaves [2024 Reviews]

1. GE Appliances JEM3072SHSS

With plenty of space for dishes and a modern, sleek look, The JEM3072SHSS Microwave will look great on any countertop. It makes food at home more enjoyable due to its ability to heat quickly and evenly, ensuring that food doesn’t dry out and get stuck to the edges.

It’s simple to use, to push a button to control the cooking process and select preset timers for perfectly poached eggs melting butter or even grated cheese, with its rapid pulses of high-frequency. You can choose to get more fashion points in the kitchen or for a weekly meal preparation that will save you time; the cabinet microwave will meet every need!

This Appliances GE Appliances JEM3072SHSS microwave has easy cooking controls that will allow you to cook exactly what you’d like. With automatic and time defrost options, it’s quick and simple to defrost any food item you’d like to cook.

This model comes with the ability to turntable your food for even heating. No more burning edges. It’s perfect for smaller kitchens and countertops. It’s 17 1/4 inches in width overall. This is the best under the cabinet microwave you should have in your kitchen.

2. Galanz 1.9 cu. feet. Over the Range

If you’re looking for an oven for your microwave that does not take up counter space yet is large enough to accommodate the family’s meal, You might think about using this 1.9 Cu. Ft. Galanz OTR model. It’s spacious well-built, and comes with many very appealing alternatives for the price.

One of the most useful functions is the sensor cooking feature, which is a very useful feature, particularly for reheating. Another feature that could help is the steam feature, which is great for cooking rice, steaming veggies, or even reheating food without drying it out.

It is available with square and round vents, which is not common, even for higher-end models. The vent fan can be larger, though, because it can’t move much air, which could be problematic if there’s lots of smoke or steam.

The bottom of the fan gets quite oily fast because the filters are small in area. Additionally, the inside is dark. Even with the brightest light bulb, you will not see the inside. [the best rated under cabinet microwave 2024]

3. Cosmo COS-3016ORM1SS

You can’t get better than the COS-3016ORM1SS from Cosmo for exact results in cooking meals. Ten power levels offer precise control of your cooking times, ensuring you can enjoy your meal every time! The powerful 1.6 cubic feet.

The oven’s interior can hold large casserole dishes and other large meals effortlessly with its touch presets that make it easier to take the hassle of cooking leftovers or making crisp popcorn! If precise temperature control is what you are looking for to achieve great results in cooking, Look at Cosmo’s COS-3016ORM1SS microwave!

With sensors for Reheat and Cook Modes, you can enjoy dinner without setting alarms for 2 hours later! With 20 pre-programmed cooking menus, nine cook options for sensors such as potato chips and popcorn, and 4 auto-cook settings.

After adding food, click start and once finished, it will stop. You’ll never want to miss toast with peanut butter ever again thanks to built-in timers that measure the time it took for the food to have been cooked or heated, as well as variables and memory, ensuring you’ll get consistent results each time.

4. GE 30” Over the Range

The GE 30” Over-the-Range Microwave is a good choice if you’re searching for an elegant, high-performance microwave. It comes with 1.6 cu. Feet. In the cooking area, as well as 1000 watts of power.

This makes it the ideal choice for cooking large meals. It also has 1000 watts of power. GE 30” also has a stunning stainless steel look that will be a great addition to any kitchen.

One of the most impressive advantages of the microwave is its included exhaust vent. It ensures that your kitchen is free of odors and smoke when cooking. The unit does not vent toward the outside. The air comes from the top.

Therefore, it is necessary to change filters regularly. It is possible to connect the unit to the vent outside, but it isn’t easy and requires repositioning the fan’s motor. The directions are fairly easy to follow, so it’s possible.

GE 30” Over the Range Microwave is an ideal choice if you want a powerful and versatile microwave that doesn’t take up much space and can take on any food you can throw at it.


The Frigidaire FGMV17WNVF Over-the-Range Microwave Oven is ideal for small kitchens. It has the Effortless Clean Interior Surface, which helps clean the mess left behind while cooking. At the same time, Sensor Cooking technology can automatically adjust the power level and cooking time, making it easy to cook your favorite meals.

With more than 30 options for this top under-cabinet microwave oven, including Chicken Nuggets and Snacks, it’s clear that this appliance for kitchens is going to become an essential part of every home.

The TRUenergy Star certified FGMV17WNVF features a wide range of features, such as the Effortless Clean Inside and Sensor Cooking, 10 Power Levels and 11 auto-cooking options. With the help of preset buttons, you can cook your favorite menu items without any effort!

Enjoy your food or snack without needing to look over the oven since LED lighting provides you with an unobstructed view of the cooktop. With an intuitive user interface and a remarkable cooking performance, this appliance brings comfort and ease into cooking for the busy family.

6. Summit Appliance MHOTR24SS

Its Summit Appliance MHOTR24SS Over-the-Range Microwave is an excellent purchase! It has connections for dryers and washers and ventilation for kitchens with small spaces and has charcoal filtering to eliminate smoke and odors. It can heat meals or bake food items such as cakes and pies. This top under-cabinet microwave can make your kitchen more efficient and save energy.

This is the ideal appliance to modernize your kitchen. The Summit Appliance MHOTR24SS Over-the-Range Microwave’s black glass finish is elegant and elegant, while its stainless steel accents provide the look of luxury to any room.

If you’re looking to enjoy your favorite frozen meals or quickly heat a soup in a matter of minutes using this microwave over the range, it will meet all your food cravings.

With two aluminum filters that can be removed on either side to eliminate odors from ovens, You won’t be able to discern what you cooked last because of the innovative technology!

7. Frigidaire FFMV1846VD

In keeping with the concept of family-sized microwaves, there is an alternative that could be worth a look. It’s made by Frigidaire and is slightly larger in price than the Galanz model.

This model has 1.8 cubic feet of internal space and 1000 Watts cooking capacity. It also has 10 power levels that give you greater control over the cooking process. The Frigidaire FFMV1846VS is also equipped with several cool features, like its Add 30 Seconds option, which is ideal for quick heat-ups.

This model also comes with an exhaust fan, but it’s not as powerful as the one on the GE microwave. It can move upwards of 400 CFM of air to meet most cooking requirements. It’s worth noting that this microwave is loud, so it may not be ideal if you’re seeking a quiet microwave.

Overall the Frigidaire FMV1846VS is a fantastic choice to get a huge robust and reliable microwave that is over the range. It has all the features you’ll need and a few additional features that could prove useful.

8. Sharp SMD2470AS

When people think of built-in microwaves, they think of installing the microwave inside cabinet uppers. However, some prefer an idea that suggests a less obtrusive location, such as the cabinets below.

We include the Sharp SMD2470AS as it’s one of the very few under-counter options we found through our investigation. We believe it’s the most efficient built-in microwave to be used under the counter. In the normal way, you’ll require a trimming kit.

We love that this model comes with 1,000 watts of power, which puts it within the middle of the power range. It also has 1.2 cubic feet of internal capacity. The dimensions on the outside are 23.88 inches across, 26.19 inches deep and 15.41 inches high. This could be an ideal fitting for standard cabinets with a width of 24 inches.

This is an excellent option since it has an easy-to-touch automatic drawer that effortlessly opens the inside. The mechanism also permits the closing of the drawer without hands. You’ll also get a discretely concealed control panel that can be operated at a 45-degree angle.

It is important to note that this model does not have a turntable, but it is described as having enough internal space to accommodate a four-quart casserole dish. It’s also large enough to accommodate a 20-ounce cup of a beverage.

Although this model comes with some presets, they’re not as powerful as some of the built-in microwaves we reviewed in this article. If you’d prefer to put the microwave above the stove, we’ve selected the top microwaves to offer you more choices for over-the-range use.


This microwave for the countertop can be installed under your cabinetry using the JXA019K cabinet mounting kit. It’s an 800-watt microwave with sensors for cooking controls.

The microwave has 10 different power settings this microwave comes with. It is possible to purchase the hanging kit that is an option. The microwave that’s under the cabinet is very precise. The mounting kit is fantastic.

10. Magic Chef Over the Range Microwave

Create a variety of dishes with the help of the magical Chef Over-the-Range Microwave. This 1.6 Ft Magic Chef Under Cabinet Microwave oven is for cooking large quantities of food items. It can also quickly heat, defrost, or boil food items with 10 cooking levels and 1,000 watts of cooking capacity.

The six pre-programmed auto-cook recipes included with the Magic Chef Over range Microwave assists in cooking your favorite foods quickly and efficiently. This finest Cabinet Microwave’s auto defrost feature can automatically set the proper temperature.

The 1.6 Cu. Ft. capacity offers enough space to cook tiny casserole dishes and dinner plates, along with the 12-inch glass recessed turntable that ensures your food is cooked evenly.

The Hood light that is included in the Magic Chef Microwave provides illumination over your cooking area. Two Fan-speed settings of Magic Chef Over range Microwaves can circulate upwards of 200 CFM air, providing you with the perfect airflow.

The replaceable charcoal filter with the Magic Chef Microwave takes grease and impurities out of the air. This Magic Chef Under Counter Microwave also has a safety lock that ensures no unsupervised operating within the oven.

You can find other models here.

What To Look For The Best Under Cabinet Microwave Oven?


Select an under-cabinet microwave with more performance than traditional ovens built into the cabinet since there is no complete view of where the food is cooking when installed in the cabinet. Most microwaves are equipped with 1,200 watts or higher to achieve the cooking temperatures needed to cook various kinds of foods within a short time.

Space Availability

Before purchasing anything:

  1. Be aware of the space available for microwave installation.
  2. Measure it before you buy.
  3. Make sure there is enough space over the cabinet to install an under-cabinet microwave. If your microwave will not fit in your cabinet, it is recommended to use one that is an oven instead.

Child Lock

This is an excellent option for families with children to prevent accidents that could happen. In most cases, you’ll be able to lock the handles of both doors, so they are not accessible to anyone when cooking is underway. They will be available when the microwave begins to run or after a predetermined period.

If your child is standing directly below the microwave while it is cooking, they could suffer serious burns due to the steam released in the course of operation. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a safety device to shield your family from damage caused by the microwave oven.

Interior Light

It is a feature to think about before purchasing if you’re interested in seeing what’s happening inside the microwave when it’s in operation. Modern microwaves are equipped with the ability to illuminate their interiors. It’s typically located on the top of the unit, beneath the ceiling.

Remote Controls

This feature lets you control a microwave from a distance, so you don’t need to be near it when cooking. The distance for modern controls could extend as long as 30 feet. This is perfect for those who need to do something with their guests in the dining and living areas.

Kids love this feature, as they feel like adults when using the microwaves in the cabinet! Don’t forget that many microwaves are equipped with children’s lock and turntable turn-off features. These make operating an oven in the microwave safe for kids.

Touch-screen Control

Some people don’t like using electronic buttons to operate an appliance; therefore, microwaves with touch-screen controls are the most suitable option. These microwaves are with all the basic features like power and time setting. It is possible to do everything simply by tapping it. There is no need to use buttons.

When you place your food in the microwave and need five minutes of cooking time, tap on the “5 Minute” button, and once the food is cooked, your microwave sounds like a warning that it’s not necessary to open it because it will shut off instantly! Clean up underneath these cabinets is simple as nothing burns or gets stuck in.

Most microwaves today have one-touch settings that are suitable for everyday meals but be sure not to use them if you’re cooking food that’s not safe for microwave use.

Also, don’t overlook turntables, which are available in most microwaves. Turn your food 180 degrees every thirty seconds to prevent burning the other side of your food.

Turntable On/Off

If you’re only using 50% of the space, you’ll need to shut off the turntable by pressing a button within the microwave. It can also be switched off or on via remote controls!

The primary function of the table is to keep food regularly rotating during cooking. This helps prevent the formation of cold and hot spots. Developing that could cause burns to certain parts of your food.


The cost of microwaves varies based on their size, power levels and features like locks for children; however, generally, you can be prepared to spend at least $100 for a good model. Check if under-cabinet microwaves have been Energy Star certified; these appliances are more energy efficient than standard models, saving energy costs!

An example is an oven that uses 1 kilowatt per hour (kWh), which is estimated to cost around 54 cents per 100 hours of usage. Keep this figure in mind when purchasing an oven for your microwave. Perhaps it’s worth paying more early to save money in the future?

How To Install A Microwave Under Cabinets?

Alternative To The Cabinet Microwave Is Microwave Drawer:

A different way to conserve counter space and not sacrifice the most beloved appliance could be to include Sharp Microwave Drawers in your kitchen. Because of its hidden controls, this drawer will be more difficult for children seeking a new toy.

It can be placed under an island in the kitchen or any cabinet that is standard and can provide you with the convenience of a cooking and cleaning experience. Who wouldn’t want to have that?

It’s safer to be safe than sorry, according to our opinion. We recommend that you leave your microwave on the countertop where it belongs.

FAQs [Best Under The Cabinet Microwaves]

Can OTR Microwaves Be Mounted Above A Gas Range?

OTR microwaves can be installed above a gas range; however, there are some things you should be aware of. The first is to ensure your microwave has been ventilated. Many models come with venting kits that need to be put in place.

Remember that the heat of the gas stove can harm the microwave, causing it to fail. If you are required to install the OTR microwave in the kitchen, set it up so it is placed a minimum of 30 inches higher than the stove’s surface.

How Many Watts Does An Under Cabinet Microwave Need?

Under-cabinet microwaves are available in various sizes and shapes. Therefore there’s a microwave to suit everyone. The most important thing to consider is how powerful the output should be. Most models are between 700W to 1000W.

There are exceptions at both ends of the scale based on the user’s preference: some may prefer a lightweight 150W model, while others are more interested in a powerful model of 1700W or more (note that these types of power outputs can only be available in commercial microwaves).

How To Hide A Microwave Inside A Cabinet?

A method of hiding the microwave inside the cabinet is to put the microwave on an item. In this way, the microwave can be hidden from view and not visible. Many fantastic microwaves are built-in and can make your appliance appear quite discrete. The kits include all the hardware needed and instructions on how to set them up.

Another option to hide your microwave oven is to put it behind fake hood covers. This is not a pre-made solution and could require re-wiring and a bit of time, but the result is worth the effort.

How To Install Under Cabinet Microwave Oven?

Follow the steps listed below to set up the Under the Cabinet Microwave.

  1. Begin by preparing the grounding cords and other options.
  2. Install the mounting plate, and then prepare your venting device.
  3. Lastly, make sure the microwave is fixed, and then turn off the power.

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