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✅ Can You Put Wax Paper in an Air Fryer?

Can You Put Wax Paper in an Air Fryer?

You can’t make use of wax paper in the air-fryer. The wax paper is not heat-safe and is best used at room temperature or lower.

There is an alternative you can use that might be a surprise to you. Before we can get to it, we must know the purpose of waxed paper and what it’s intended to do.

What’s Waxed Paper?

Waxed paper is exactly what is referred to as paper that has been coated with wax on both or one of its sides. It prevents food from sticking and ensures it is water-resistant.

It can be used to cook food in the microwave or cover the cake pan with it. But it isn’t heat resistant. So, it’s not recommended to use it in high temperatures.

We always use this:


Parchment Paper vs Wax Paper: Is wax paper the same as parchment paper?

While they look alike and could be used for the same uses, parchment and paper aren’t identical.

The main distinction between parchment and wax paper is what they’re coated with and how they impact what they can be used for.

Wax paper (waxed paper) can be coated using wax (usually either paraffin or soybean-based). It is mostly utilized to wrap food to preserve its freshness. Still, it can also be used for other uses in the kitchen, like making chocolate into shapes while it is cooling or even separating foods within the freezer to stop the food from freezing together.

Parchment paper (baking papers) has been coated in silicone, giving it a non-stick, heat-resistant surface. It can be employed for the same purpose as the wax paper described above.

However, since it’s heat-safe, it is also suitable to line baking trays wrapping food items cooked in the papillote (parchment cooking) well as covering food items in the microwave to prevent splatter.

This is why it’s not recommended to utilize wax paper in the air fryer. Since it’s not heatproof and the wax can melt on food items and the air fryer if it is exposed to heat.

It is possible to use wax paper in an air fryer oven but not in an air fryer.

The main difference between an air fryer oven is in its dimension and shape:

Air fryers are smaller and have a specific container (basket). There’s no space for other things or a stirrer that could crush any paper. It is unnecessary to have any other device to prevent splattering since the space where food is stored is sealed.

An air fryer oven is larger and is similar to every other oven. Sometimes, it has additional functions, but it is typically toasting.

There are typically a few accessories for an air fryer oven, including a rotating basket for fries, a container for loose vegetables, shelves, and dehydrator storage containers.

The main distinction between a conventional oven as opposed to convection is that the conventional oven is heated by an element of radiant heat on the bottom. In contrast, a convection oven can blow hot air throughout the oven.

Naturally, this makes the wax paper more effective in a convection oven since it doesn’t touch the heat source. Air fryers function similarly to the convection oven, blowing air through smaller containers.

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Is it possible to use wax papers in the microwave?

Items that are microwave-safe include waxed papers, parchment paper, paper plates, and bowls. In the microwave, brown paper bags aren’t safe since they cannot survive high temperatures, and they can ignite. Toxic fumes can also be released, and germs can be a source of contamination for food.

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Things You Need To Be aware of when using wax paper at high temperatures:

Wax paper is used in conventional ovens to line cupcakes and cake pans for a long time. As the batter itself is liquid and not in direct contact with heat, it works.

If baked at high temperatures, it could leach wax into the food, but it won’t cause harm to the food. The majority of people don’t have enough taste to detect it.

If you have wax paper only waxed to one aspect, you could lay it down to avoid contamination. However, the paper may adhere a bit to the cupcake. A lot of cupcake papers are only waxed on one side.


The wax paper melts between 200degand 350deg F (93deg – 173deg Celsius) and may leak into food, spill onto other surfaces, and even spark a flame. It’s generally safe in baking pans or cookie sheets; however, you should place it within the middle oven, away from the heating element at the bottom and away from the higher temperature of the oven.

How to Use a Wax Paper in an Air Fryer?

The use of wax paper inside the air fryer shouldn’t be something that you need to be concerned about. Make sure you don’t put it right near the heating element of the air fryer. It might overheat and produce a smell of burning wax within the food that you’re cooking inside the container.

Place the Paper

Cut the wax paper by the dimensions of the cooking basket on the fryer. Keep a little space on each side to ensure that the airflow does not entirely block the flow. It’s common to use paper too much in this type of task. Could you not do it? This is detrimental to your cooking and can block the airflow significantly.

It is essential to verify the temperature of the paper before placing it in the tray of the fryer. It is possible to heat your fryer, but it must be within the temperature of the paper; otherwise, the paper could be burnt.

Do not add the paper during the preheating process. The fryer utilizes high heat and a rapid flow of air to heat itself within the short preheating period.

Cooking paper isn’t built to withstand the fluctuating temperatures, and, in the end, it could ignite or cause an odor of wax. This smell alone can cause food to smell unpalatable to certain degrees.

Weigh It Down

Make sure to place your food upon the papers in such a manner that leaves no space remaining on the paper that isn’t covered in food.

This is important since if you don’t put something that is heavy on the paper, it is likely to slip from the position and be able to get into the heater component.

If it isn’t within the heater area, It could be moved into an area that blocks the airflow at the base. It may be burned or block airflow. The consequence of either of these is your food becoming stale.


When you’ve finished cooking, it’s now time to clean up the fryer. But, wait. Please do not take the basket out right away and throw it in the dishwasher or the sink. Give it a few hours. Then let it cool until it’s acceptable to touch your fingers.

When it is cool enough, it is time to soak a paper towel with soap and scrub off any oil spills by hand. After the exterior of the basket has been cleaned, you can clean the drawers. Then, you can rinse it in the dishwasher.

Can You Put Wax Paper in an Air Fryer? Importance of Using Papers in An Air Fryer

How an air fryer operates is to create an air stream from below the basket that circulates up and bottom repeatedly. This process warms everything in the basket in a uniform manner. Air fryers operate, and as air is lightweight and can quickly get to the tiniest corners, it can cook food quickly.

However, since the machine relies on airflow to deliver the required warmth to the food in the basket, parchment or wax paper can cause a lot of disruption. It may block the airflow in certain places.

There are two potential dangers to stopping the flow of air. One is that some areas of the food will not receive enough heat and remain cold or not cooked.

Another issue is that certain areas within the cooking basket may experience too much airflow due to obstructions in another part of the cooking basket. In this case, the imbalance could result in a portion of the food becoming scorched.

The same happens if you’re using aluminum foil. They are prone to heating faster than wax paper or parchment. This is why it’s best to select one based on paper rather than one made of aluminum. Since paper could restrict airflow, what’s the remedy to avoid it? Why not use paper?

It’s true that not using paper at all isn’t a great option. Paper has many problems. If you don’t use anything, there is a risk of your fryer’s basket being greased by oil splashes. It could result in difficulty removing oil splashes that are spotted on the side of the basket. [Learn More]

Can You Put Parchment Paper in an Air Fryer?

SURE! You can indeed make use of parchment paper in the air fryer if you follow these steps:

  1. Place the paper in the basket of air fryers.
  2. Put food items on the top of the paper to prevent the papers fly inside the heating element. This could cause a fire, be aware!
  3. Make holes in the parchment. This is essential, or the volume of air moving beneath the food is too low that food will not cook evenly. You can purchase a liner already perforated from the store or make it your own. The first step is to cut parchment paper that is in line with the basket’s shape. After that, you can use the paper puncher or skewer to create holes in the paper.

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