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TOP 10 Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo [2024 Reviews]

Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo Reviews

• Best Overall: Ninja DT251
• Runner Up: Ninja SP101
• Best Budget: Hamilton Beach 31323

A brand new product that is revolutionary is on the market that will transform your life. The air fryer oven will do all the things you’d require it to do. It can bake, cook, broil, bake, toast, air fry, and so on! This appliance can save you lots of time in the kitchen since it is a single machine with no other equipment needed for any of those tasks!

The air fryer oven can be a useful kitchen appliance for many different functions. It can allow you to cook your favorite dishes in a fraction of the time it takes cooking on the stove or in the oven. The most appealing aspect of cooking this way is that no oils are required, and the dishes still taste great!

It is essential to understand what air fryer oven is on the top. There is a variety of equipment available, and you require aid to select the one that best suits your requirements. Air fryers are great for cooking chicken, vegetables, or pizza!

This article will provide you with some valuable tips to choose the best air fryer toaster oven combo that will fit into your kitchen:

Top 10 Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo [2024 Reviews]

1. Ninja SP101 Foodi Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Its Ninja air fryer oven toaster can be an excellent option for families as the large capacity can comfortably accommodate nine bread slices or even 13-inch pizza.

We were impressed by the sturdy stainless steel parts and the powerful 1800-watt heat element, which heats quickly and efficiently.

We also loved that this toaster oven can be used for various purposes that allow broiling, dehydration, and different cooking methods. Though we loved the unique flip-up design to store it and clean it, this one is a bit heavy, and you should ensure that you have plenty of space set aside.

Also, it is slightly heavier than the average toaster, weighing more than 16 pounds. It’s an excellent Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo for those looking for the most efficient microwave oven that comes with all features and bells.

2. Ninja DT251 Foodi 10-in-1 Smart XL Air Fry Oven

This toaster oven air fryer was the largest and the heaviest air fryer that we tested. It features a digital interface and has ten preset cooking options: entire roast, air fry, broil, air roast, toast, bake, bagel dehydrate, reheat, and pizza.

It comes with a sophisticated thermometer and a wide range of pans, such as two racks, two sheets pans, one broiler pan, and one air fry basket.

Other equipment includes cutting boards and dehydrating kits, a 9×13 casserole, and a 12 cup muffin tray. It’s large enough to accommodate the size of a quarter sheet tray, as well as casserole dishes.

This Smart Thermometer is perfect for those who cook lots of roasts or whole chickens and eliminates the stress of cooking large meat pieces. The components are made to make a strong point that the oven comes with many racks.

This means you can cook complete food in one sitting with two 12-inch pizzas or the chicken finger and fries, although this is true. However, it takes up a lot of counter space, so it is essential to think about the frequency of using this oven versus the space you have.

If you’re an entire family who frequently air fries, this could be the perfect oven because it can air fry lots of things in one go. If you prefer to air fry or toast, often you can find smaller ovens that offer the same capabilities.

It was able to do everything very well and created some of the top cookies among the air fryers we tested. It also included an instructional chart of cooking times, frozen basics, and essential proteins and vegetables, which can be very useful for people new to the air fryer oven game.

3. KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven with Air Fry – KCO124BM

KitchenAid is well-known for its top-quality kitchen appliances that can be highly flexible, and its countertop oven is no exception. The company’s trademarked Even-Heat technology has a dual convection bake that guarantees the oven is ideal. Its 360 degree Air Fry System has a convection fan that circulates evenly hot air.

The appliance comes with nine different cooking options, including proof bakers, and is large enough to accommodate two large chickens. While users claim that its dimensions of 16 inches by 17 inches and the 16-pound weight are impressive, The matte black kitchen device will look elegant on your kitchen counter.

4. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

Apart from being a great toaster, this Cuisinart toaster oven air fryer is also among the top air fryers that you can purchase. It makes nuggets and fries that taste crunchy and brown like they were cooked in a pan full of oil.

Bread is cooked evenly. You can place it in a wide variety of shades, and the final product is exactly what you’re looking for – from barely color but still crisp to dark, but not burnt.

Unlike most models at this price, the Cuisinart does not have digital controls; however, the dials that rotate are easy to use. Although it’s not as large as a typical toaster, it’s also larger. It still fits inside a standard cabinet.

It’s also large enough to hold the equivalent of two pounds of fries and six slices of bread, and, according to Cuisinart, it can have a 4-pound chicken. If you are a fan of throwing all your dishes in the dishwasher, make sure that the entire appliance needs to be cleaned by hand.

5. Gevi Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

This toaster oven air fryer has a 100-450 degrees Celsius temperature range and 13 useful presets. For instance, the dehydrating option can provide an up-to 48 hour cooking time so you can create snacks like dried fruits or homemade Jerky.

If none of these presets meet precisely what you require. You can control the speeds of fans and the time and temperature manually to allow for your cooking preferences.

6. Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer

The air fryer oven allows you to air fry the fastest without additional preheating. It cooked chicken wings crisp in just 20 minutes and fries that took even less time. Its performance is remarkable, and it’s comparable to top air fryers that are freestanding. Be sure to watch your food when you’re trying it at first to avoid burning.

This toaster oven air fryer is made up of a basket set on top of the oven to cook the food in the air to stop grease from spilling onto the elements and makes cleanup simple, and all the equipment is dishwasher safe. The bread was evenly and well toasted and evenly, and a cake that was baked fast with a tiny dome that had trimming.

Pizza cooked frozen quickly, as did broiled steak. The oven includes a user’s manual packed with cooking guides and recipes as well as it is equipped with more than ten different settings, including five specific to air fry.

Dual cooking is an innovative feature. It lets you set the oven to cook at two other times and temperatures simultaneously, making it ideal for cooking food with a high temperature for crisping the skin and then lowering it to allow food to cook through.

7. Breville BOV900BSS the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

If you’re on a deeper budget and have a preference for taste in air fryers, then the Smart Oven made by the kitchen expert Breville is an absolute must. With the patented Element iQ system onboard, you will benefit from six quartz elements that work together to cook food equally from every angle using just a little cooking oil.

The temperature control is intelligent and works to prevent inconsistent results and cold or hot spots that could be a problem for low-cost and substandard air fryers in this category.

Dual-speed convection fans provide the best control over your cooking.

If versatility is in the matter, it is among the best options amid a bustling space. The 13 cooking options allow you to prepare various dishes with only one kitchen appliance.

The cooking capacity of this pan is huge. It’s possible to cook the fourteen-pound bird, toast nine slices of bread, or place it into a 9×13-inch pan that has room. Although this gadget is spacious inside, it will not take over the entire counter.

The Breville Smart Oven isn’t the cheapest air fryer and oven model you can buy; however, it’s one of the tops.

8. Hamilton Beach 31323 Sure-Crisp Air Fry Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach’s Air Fryer Sure Crisp Toaster Oven has an elegant design, upgraded with a stainless-steel finish. It’s affordable and compact. It is ideal for toasting, reheating, and broiling. However, it’s not the best choice to use as an additional oven. It’s not sufficient to whole roast chickens.

It’s also not the best for baking. While it can make air-fry, it does not bake and crisp food as effectively as an air fryer dedicated or other air fryers in the toaster oven we tried.

However, it’s less than half the cost of our best-rated model and offers a good value for its performance. This product is operated via three tiny dials, making it simple to use.

But, you have to set the time with an electronic timer, and it’s difficult to establish precisely and could pose an issue in baking, in which precise timing is crucial.

The door made of glass in this oven reached 322degF during operation, and we recorded temperatures of 146.8degF at the top of the handle, meaning it is necessary to wear a safety device whenever you shut or open the door while it’s running.

Hamilton Beach is exceptionally quiet when cooking, with a sound level of just 50.4 decibels. This is the quietest of the ovens that we tested. The oven comes with an aluminum roasting pan which is susceptible to discoloration and staining.

The entire set of accessories needs to be washed by hand. This isn’t the most efficient, but it’s an ideal starting point if you’re unfamiliar with toaster ovens.

9. Kalorik Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Be sure to trust us when we say this: the Kalorik Digital Maxx Air Fryer Oven is the ideal choice for making nutritious, convenient food items.

The air fryer oven could make your life easier because it’s equipped with 1700W Turbo Maxx Technology. The French door design gives it an elegant and modern design and can be opened by a single hand.

The maximum temperature that this appliance attains is 500F, making it differentiating it from others. As the case that these features were not enough, the appliance comes with nine additional accessories, such as bacon trays, baskets, and racks, to even create your rotisserie meal. With a cookbook to help you master your cooking, There are many recipes to try.

With features like the adjustable rack for cooking, the turbo-speed feature, a removable tray, and dishwasher-safe components that make cleaning a breeze, this will become your most-loved oven.

10. Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Its Instant Omni Plus Toaster oven is an excellent choice for those who do not wish to utilize a conventional oven for baking cakes and similar baked goods since this model offers a wide variety of baking presets and other types of cooking.

We were impressed by the large capacity of 26 Liters, which is enough to accommodate a whole chicken. In that regard, this air fryer toaster oven combo comes with various helpful accessories, such as the rotisserie fork, spit, and a lift.

Though the capacity is definitely on the right side, this toaster is a bit heavy with just more than 30 pounds. Additionally, it is an expensive toaster. Make sure to consider that before you purchase.

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Benefits of Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Reduces Time and Effort

If it’s a turkey, you’re in the mood for dinner, or French fries are your favorite to snack on, the air fryer oven can complete the job without wasting time or effort.

The time you save has something to do with the dimensions of the internal fans that, though tiny, do the job perfectly and quickly.

It also doesn’t need any oil to be heated or other lengthy maintenance to maintain its cleanliness. All you need to connect it is to place the frozen food items into the cooking tray and then wait for cooking time to end before you can take pleasure in your delicious and nutritious food.

Efficient and Versatile

The speedier cooking time isn’t the only factor that makes these devices very efficient. Air fryer ovens are constructed in forms with sleek and angular. This, in conjunction with their small size, makes them smaller within the kitchen.

Additionally, the top of these appliances is almost every time Energy Star Certified, which means you will save money on energy.

Therefore, using this device is not a burden on your electric bill. Furthermore, the dimensions are enough to cook virtually any food item.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo?

Air fryer ovens that combine convection oven cooking from an air fryer with the attributes of a traditional toaster oven into one unit. They are also referred to as convection ovens; these versatile appliances are great to have in your kitchen.

When looking for the top air fry toaster oven combo, think about the size and power, cooking capabilities and cleaning ease, and any additional features or accessories.


Counter space is an essential item in many kitchens. Air fryer ovens are larger and boxy than pod-type air fryers, which means they will take up more counter space or storage space. When shopping, consider the oven’s footprint into consideration, to ensure it’s appropriate for your kitchen.

One advantage comes with a bigger capacity: convection ovens have a spacious capacity inside. The larger size means that the oven can prepare more food at one time without clogging the pan (a typical issue for small Air fryer containers).

Capacity is typically determined in cubic inches, and it can vary between 0.2 or 1 cubic foot. To give a more accurate understanding of the capacity, it’s typically used in conjunction with the number of food items, such as how many bread slices an oven could toast at any given time.

When selecting the perfect air fryer oven, consider your desired usage. Find a model with enough space to cook your favorite foods such as bread loaf or pizza, or the whole roast chicken.

Air fryer ovens with small air fryers are also beneficial. However, you should be aware that these smaller ovens may not fit standard pans and baking tools.


Air fryer toaster ovens consume between 1100 and 2,000 watts. Most of them consume 1,400-1,800 Watts in use. In general, the bigger and more powerful the oven, the more power, and energy consumption.

When you purchase an air fryer toaster oven combo, you should ensure that the kitchen can accommodate the appliance without triggering the breaker.

As they’re designed to function as countertop appliances, most convection toaster ovens plug into the standard outlet. It’s essential to be aware that some high-watt air fryer ovens might require a special circuit to provide power to the appliance.

Cooking Functions

Convection ovens are designed to be multi-purpose countertop appliances. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that they come with more than five or even ten cooking options, ranging from basic baking and broiling to various preset cooking settings.

Broil Setting

The broil feature uses only the top part of the toaster oven. It uses high temperatures to the top of the dishes for cooking or browning food items.

Bake Setting

Much like an old-fashioned oven with the bake setting, it can provide even dry heat for cooking, heating food items, and making baked items.

Toast Setting

The name implies the toast setting is used to toast food items by applying high-temperature across all sides. It is ideal for toasting bagels and bread.

Convection/Air fry Setting

Air-frying uses the same heating method as convection baking. This setting will be identified as convection or air fry on most air fryer ovens.

Preset cooking options

Air fryer ovens may have preset cooking settings for specific foods such as toasting bagels and bread cooking pizzas, heating them, baking cookies.

Controls and Display

Toaster oven displays vary from basic buttons to touch-screens with LED. Their complexity is typically evident in their cost. If you’re seeking a basic toaster and pizza reheater, basic controls and settings will do the job.

If you’re looking for a higher-end convection toaster oven, you may opt for a digital display. The upgraded models of toaster ovens give you more flexibility when cooking, more precise settings, and a sleek design.

To have additional control possibilities, go for an air fry oven. They can be controlled from your phone, which means you can start monitoring, stop, or even end cooking from a different room.

Additional Features

An array of other options for cooking can make it more efficient. Preheating settings or cooking timers as well as warming settings assist in putting delicious dinners to the dining table.


Preheating your oven is a crucial step to ensure even making baking and cooking. Air fryer ovens equipped with a preheat feature will notify you when the oven has reached the right temperature, so you don’t have to guess.

Cooking Timers

They are built-in and allow you to keep track of cooking times without having to pull out your smartphone or kitchen timer.

Automatic shutoff

Most toaster ovens are equipped with an automatic shutoff function, in addition to cooking timers. Automated shutoff settings help keep food safe from burning and increase your food’s safety.

Warming mode

The warm setting maintains a shallow temperature, which helps ensure food is warm during preparation to serve.

Interior lighting

The lighting inside allows you to better check on food as it cooks, and you won’t have to turn off the oven to determine if the toast has cooked to the right degree.


The most effective air fryer ovens are equipped with accessories ranging from racks or pans to specialized trays. Air fryer toaster ovens usually include one or two racks (depending on the capacity) and two baking sheets, baking trays, or pans. Accessories included let you start cooking without the need for any additional components.

Remember that the size of your toaster oven can also impact the accessories you can put in the near future. The larger air fryer toaster ovens can fit on normal baking sheets and trays, and smaller ones may require special accessories to accommodate the smaller size of their internal capacity.

Beyond the basics, air fryer ovens can include a range of additional features, including fry baskets and rotisserie forks, pizza stones, tongs, and cookbooks.

The addition of more accessories is a nice feature, especially if you intend to use them. Find an air fryer toaster with accessories that you can utilize to prevent spending too much on the appliance.

Ease of Cleaning

In any kitchen appliance, the ease of cleaning is an excellent benefit. A benefit of air fryers toasters is that they can be cleaner as opposed to air fryers. They employ trays instead of the traditional basket.

They also are larger, which is much easier to wipe down. Find a convection oven that comes with a crumb tray to help keep crumbs and spills out.

Air fryer ovens are relatively low-maintenance. As with other kitchen tools, the baking sheet pan fry pan needs to be cleaned at the end of each use, but the interior of the oven and the exterior can be cleaned when required. Accessories that are dishwasher safe making cleaning easier. [more from here]

When is the best time to change your air fryer toaster oven combo?

Toaster ovens come with an average life span of five years. However, there are reports of models that last for as long as 20 years. Most models come with a year guarantee, but certain brands offer three-year warranties.

To ensure that your toaster oven is in top condition, it is essential to maintain it in a clean state — particularly on the interior. The dirty elements could catch fire or even break easily.

Another problem that can be found is a door or handle that is broken. Avoid pulling on the toaster’s handle using too much force and letting it slam shut to avoid the damage.

If your appliance ceases to heat and is not under warranty, the best choice is to purchase a brand new model. If you get an estimate for repair that is more than half the cost of a new oven, we suggest buying a replacement.

When you search for a new oven, You’ll discover that the latest models are made from stainless steel and appear attractive within your home kitchen.

They’re now fitted with a range of modern features that will increase their flexibility, such as air frying, multi-rack cooking, and the ability to slow cook. Although more features are available in larger ovens, smaller ones can air fry.

FAQs [Best Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo]

How do air fryers work?

A fryer with an air source has a fan and a heating element. The fan pushes hot air around the food from all angles. It cooks your food continuously in a shorter time than it would require using a conventional convection oven.

What are the reasons to consider the air-fryer?

The main advantage for air fryers lies in cooking delicious and delicious fried food with 75 percent lower cooking fat than deep-frying. Specific air fryers permit you to cook without oil even.

You’ll not only save on food costs by eliminating one item in your grocery checklist, but you’ll also do your body a favor by reducing your waistline.

Air fryers aren’t just able to make your food taste great, but they also cook food efficiently. They also speed up the process, another main advantage for air fryers. Enjoy excellent results in a fraction of the time.

Is it better to purchase two separate appliances rather than choose a combo unit?

This is all up to individual preferences. Two separate appliances are not just more costly. However, you’ll need plenty of space to house an air fryer as well as a toaster oven.

It is essential to think about the frequency of using the oven toaster. If it’s something you believe you’ll only make use of, it’s better off to focus your efforts on the most effective air fryer.

Another advantage of combos is that they provide a wide range of cooking options also. It’s all about finding the best option for you.

Can I use aluminum foil inside an air fryer?

It is possible, but you must not put it at the bottom of the basket or pan. It is also essential to place food on the surface of the foil, or it could fall onto the heater.

Can I put liquids in the air fryer?

If you marinate your fish or meat, it will be perfect. You could also add water.

Are air fryers better as an oven?

They are made to complement ovens in kitchens instead of substituting them. The most effective combination units allow you to cook in many different ways. However, it won’t let you grill the same way as an oven or capable of making pasta, either.

Is it possible to have food that is crispy from an air fryer?

Absolutely! When food is cooked in these machines, it will be crisp and golden on the outside but soft when you bite into it. It is possible to accomplish these results by using just one-third of the cooking oil needed for deep-frying.

What is the reason air fryers emit so lots of smoke?

Have you ever cooked food in a cooking pan using just no oil? If yes, you’ll be aware that it produces lots of smoke. When you cook foods with high-fat content in an air fryer, the fat is drained and may cause smoke.

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