Tiramisu Krapfen from Rischart, Munich

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Tiramisu Krapfen and Herzerlkrapfen from Rischart, Munich | eatexploreetc.com

Tiramisu Krapfen (left) and Herzerlkrapfen (right), bathed in morning sunshine at the Marienplatz, Munich.

The monster of a doughnut on the left was my choice for breakfast a couple of weeks ago. It may not seem like it but I don’t always have fried sweet snacks for breakfast – when I do though, I go all in. Thickly dusted in cocoa powder, I managed to get it all over my face without even trying and Mr E3 couldn’t wait to get a picture of me with a cocoa beard. Fair warning: If you’re going to eat this outside, make sure you’ve got tissues for clean up duty!

You can see from the picture just how much taller it is than a regular filled doughnut; the Herzerlkrapfen (with the icing sugar hearts) has a glorious sweet-tart filling of redcurrant and raspberry jam. The Tiramisu one is split more like a burger – cut in half with a thick, fluffy, creamy filling made with mascarpone and the lightest touch of coffee. I had to deconstruct it to eat it, scooping up blobs of filling with the top half of the doughnut. The bread is light, fluffy and delicate, not greasy in the slightest. Like the Ihle krapfen, these are barely sweet and I doubt you’d get a sugar rush off them – in fact, the cocoa powder was so thick that I ended up wanting something with more sugar afterwards!

Rischart has, to my mind, the widest selection of doughnuts available in the run up to Lent. They’re beautiful creations and I’m hoping to try a Black Forest version before they’re all gone for another year!

Schwarzwälder Krapfen and Eierlikör Krapfen from Rischart in Munich | eatexploreetc.com

This is by far my favourite bakery chain discovery in Munich to date. They have multiple outlets with several in the underground S-Bahn shopping centres – making it the perfect place to stop and grab something before catching a train. This wouldn’t normally be enough to sway me (I’d oddly prefer to go hungry for a little longer than eat something I’m not convinced I’ll enjoy) but the quality of Rischart products is fantastic – I’m officially a fan.

Selection of Krapfen from Rischart in Munich | eatexploreetc.com

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