Review: Zitrone Waffeln from Manner Wien

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Product Review: Zitrone Wafer from Manner Wien |

These Zitrone Waffeln – Lemon Cream Wafers – from Manner Wien were a bit of a surprise to me! Have you tried this brand before?

I hadn’t, actually. This was my first foray into the world of Manner! And what a way to start…

Manner is an old company, founded during 1890 in Vienna, Austria. I’ve seen a few Manner stores during my visits to the country and yet had somehow managed to avoid purchasing anything at all. I mean, they’re wafers. What’s all the fuss about?

Product Review: Zitrone Wafer from Manner Wien |

My prior experience of wafer biscuits lands somewhere between Pink Panthers and stale, sugary cardboard disappointment. I’d actually thought I didn’t like wafers at all… but it’s just that I’ve been eating the wrong ones!

Five layers of crispy wafer are filled with fresh and fruity lemon for a unique taste sensation. The bite-sized shape was designed by the company’s founder Josef Manner I back in 1898 and has remained to this day. | Manner

These lemon wafers are suitable for a vegan diet, but do include both gluten and soya lecithin.

Product Review: Zitrone Wafer from Manner Wien |

First impressions were good! A strong, lemony scent wafted up from the packet as soon as I opened it.

Thankfully it’s not all scent and no substance. These waffle bites have an impressively zingy lemon flavour to them and the thing I was most surprised about – the waffle is lovely! It’s crisp, airy, light, delicate and flaky… And not cardboard like at all!

Product Review: Zitrone Wafer from Manner Wien |

The delicious lemon flavour here is bright and sweet, tasting of real fruit. Though it doesn’t look like there’s much by way of filling, they pack a surprisingly punchy flavour hit!

They’re actually fantastic and if the rest of the Manner product range is as good as these, I can see why there are shops in Austria dedicated to them. These lemon ones are really addictive!

13th September, 2017
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