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Product Review: Wunderland White Edition from Katjes, Vegetarian Sweets from Germany |

It feels like it’s been a while since I reviewed something from Katjes – but how lucky for me that they’ve just released two new bags of sweets! First up, the Katjes Wunderland White Edition.

Through the magical Google Chrome Translate, let’s see how Katjes describe them…

Experience the magical winter! Discover magical unicorns in white snow and ice fairies hovering over snow-covered fir trees! Let your heart be enchanted by the shooting star sky! Because these fruit gum wonders with marshmallow are available in six colors and flavors: redcurrant, apple cinnamon, blueberry, berry mix, cherry and cranberry! | Katjes

These sweets are vegetarian friendly, being made without animal gelatin… they do, however, include Bienenwachs. That’s beeswax, so these aren’t a vegan product. That doesn’t matter though, because they’re kinda awful.

Wait, what? I know! It’s unusual of me to come right out and say something like that. I like to look for the positive aspects of things as best as I can. But I’m struggling here. And usually I like Katjes things.

Let’s start with the texture. These are incredibly soft and I can squish them between my index finger and thumb with relative ease. When I’m eating them… they’re very soft with barely any chewiness to them at all. If I’m being kind I’d say the texture is very child friendly.

In fact, the sweets are so soft they end up going a bit paste like in my mouth. And it’s not like I’m a terribly slow eater either… But if these sweets linger in your mouth a little it’s as though they’re melting somehow and it’s not all that pleasant. After a very short period of time, these guys are smushable with your tongue. They’re starchy and gloopy somehow and I don’t like it. Not at all.

I also don’t like the beeswax coating that leaves a film on my fingers.

As for the flavour? Well, they’re fruity and a little colour uncoordinated. White seems to be cherry and green is blueberry. The yellow turned out to be a cinnamon apple and then I’d guess the darker red is the berry mixture. Red and pink… well I’m torn between the two, though there were some interesting grassy leafy notes in the pink that’d lead me to think it’s redcurrant. Either way, I’ve eaten far too many of these in the interests of science to want to keep going.

That texture though. Just no. Sorry Katjes!

14th November, 2017
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