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Wunderland Sauer Vegetarian Sweets from Katjes in Germany |

I’d been searching for this bag of sweets for a while, ever since I saw them appear on Instagram. Why? UNICORNS!

Forever one to be bought by advertising gimmicks, I absolutely had to try these Katjes Wunderland sweets. There’s a unicorn on the front, I mean… Have you seen the reasons I’ve used to purchase other Katjes products? The Vemojis bag is a prime example!

Wunderland Sauer Vegetarian Sweets from Katjes in Germany |

So what are these then?

You have many small Katjes wonders in your hand: sparkling unicorns, stars, charming fairies and colorful rainbows, at whose ends you find our hearts. Welcome to the wonderland! |

These are suitable for vegetarians, are made with natural colours and flavours plus they’re gluten free. They don’t contain milk but are made in an environment that handles milk products.

Wunderland Sauer Vegetarian Sweets from Katjes in Germany |

It says these are sour on the packet, but I didn’t realise just HOW sour they meant! So… They’re like Haribo Tangfastics on steroids. They’re actually amazing if you like things SOUR, at times it’s borderline like eating a slice of lemon. If that’s your jam, hunt these out! Seriously.

Wunderland Sauer Vegetarian Sweets from Katjes in Germany |

The texture of these is great, it’s a soft but gently chewy jelly. Wonderfully I don’t find myself having the ‘stuck in teeth’ problem that can accompany some soft jelly sweets either.

Wunderland includes five different colours and flavours – the flavours are good too if you get past the sourness. It’s the kind that will leave you tongue feeling a little funny. 

Wunderland Sauer Vegetarian Sweets from Katjes in Germany |

Orange is peach, green is lime, pink is raspberry, the darker purple is redcurrant and the yellow is blood orange. I actually think the peach flavour is the strongest here though it’s fun to see redcurrant appearing. It’s a very popular tart fruit in Germany used in some wonderful bakery items. In the UK you’re more likely to find it’s black counterpart, the blackcurrant.

Of all the flavours, the only one I wasn’t able to discern was the blood orange. I don’t think it was powerful enough to stand up to the sourness as well as the others.

I’m sure you can tell that I enjoyed these Wunderland sour sweets. I’d happily make a repeat purchase! Have you had any Katjes products yet? I’d love to know your thoughts!

3rd May, 2017
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