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Cadbury Wunderbar, a chocolate bar from Germany |

Cadbury bars in Germany? Oh alright then, is this Wunderbar really wunderbar?

Though multipacks of Curly Wurly often pop up, there’s not really much by way of Cadbury chocolate floating around in stores here. Milka is the brand of choice and I’m not surprised, on the whole it’s far nicer than Cadbury’s recent efforts. So when Mr. E3 spotted this at a checkout, I can’t say I was all that interested. “Don’t you want to review it?” – said he. “Okay then!” said I. Easily persuaded…

I expect you’re struggling to try and read the lettering under the “Wunderbar” title. In this instance, it’s really not my photography skills that’s making it difficult. It’s the wrapper itself – the lettering is just awful. I’m not sure who in their right mind thinks a dark gold font deserves a royal blue stroke around it but I’m telling you now, it doesn’t work. Even on the title line they’ve had to follow it with a white outline and a drop shadow to make it stand out. I blame the same people that like to design neon signs in blue… Ahem

a magic peanut and caramel cream experience

Cadbury Wunderbar, a chocolate bar from Germany |

On opening the pack there was a really pleasing and natural peanutty aroma in amongst the chocolate. Slice the bar through and it’s a layer of chocolate encasing a tube of caramel with a peanutty looking creme middle. Not what I was expecting! I’d thought it’d be a standard layered bar.

There’s a a light crispness to the inital bite, despite going through a layer of caramel. The filling is creamy and studded with airy crisp bits and chopped nuts. This peanut centre easily melts away, leaving the chewy caramel sticking to teeth as a bit of a jaw workout. You know how I mentioned Curly Wurly before? Well I think that’s what the caramel most reminds me of. It’s not a butter-infused melt in the mouth sort. It’s the stringy, elastic chewy kind that a Curly Wurly has. Similarly, the chocolate readily flakes away from the caramel – so if you’re munching, watch out for falling meltable chocolate bits!

Cadbury Wunderbar, a chocolate bar from Germany |

The cream filling is a little unexpected – from looking at it I thought it would be dense and rich, but it’s not as substantial as it looks. The crisped rice pieces keep the texture light whilst the chopped peanuts add a natural peanut flavour. There’s a slight saltyness to them but not overly so. I expected something more peanut buttery, like a Reeses filling, but I think you’ll find this a milder, airy, less salty version.

As always, I tried the bar without scanning the ingredients list. So how do Cadbury describe it? Milk Chocolate filled with Creme (17%), Peanuts, Rice Crisps (1.5%) and Caramel Creme (30%). It also contains 22% peanuts, which explains the lovely natural peanut flavour I got. Another point to note, it’s made in Ireland.

You may have noticed that I like to provide links with my reviews, so you can go and check the product out on the brand’s website. This is the point at which I learnt that this is a Cadbury Starbar, just with a different name! Google also pointed me in the direction of a review from Amy Seeks New Treats – if you’re curious, pop over and have a look at her impression of the bar too!

13th April, 2017
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