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Wolke 7 from Katjes in Germany |

Wolke 7 literally means Cloud 7. It’s another new product from Katjes!

In English we would say we’re “on cloud 9” to mean ‘very happy’, ‘elated’ or ‘blissful’. In German, this is known as cloud 7. No one seems quite certain of why we encounter this difference either.

Until I Googled for the meaning behind Cloud 7, I was really confused by the naming of these sweets. They made no sense! Even now, I’m not sure what sunglasses have to do with being very very happy…

Wolke 7 from Katjes in Germany |

You’re getting a Google Translate of everything here:

Time to hover again on cloud 7? Our Veggie foam sugar makes it possible! Just put on the pink glasses and grab the stars. Still no butterflies in the belly? The seven soft foam sugar favorites in the flavors strawberry, cherry, apple, lemon and orange are easy to leave! Because you are not just the most fluffy foam sugar novelties, but of course also vegetarian – without animal gelatine. This makes hearts bounce higher! |

Wolke 7 from Katjes in Germany |

The packet has a little motto with each of the shapes it includes: To reach for the stars, pink glasses, to float on clouds, heartbeat, butterflies in the stomach, let flowers speak and let me kiss you. I can’t guarantee the accuracy of those translations, we know I rely on Google!

These are soft and squishy vegetarian sweets. They’re foamed sugar shapes – softer than Vemojis and not as chewy either. The fruity flavours (strawberry, cherry, apple, lemon and orange) are nice but a little muted. Overall, they’re ok. Not my first pick for a Katjes product but there’s nothing wrong with them either. I just prefer their products with slightly stronger fruit flavours.

15th May, 2017
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  • Reply Liz

    Hi! The pink glasses make sense in German 😊We have an expression “rosarote Brille”, (pinkish-red glasses) which you use, when in the first stage of being in love, you see the world and your partner as being absolutely perfect, you haven’t seen the flaws yet, because you are on cloud 9 (or 7)! Everything is tinted pink with love, almost like looking through pink glasses 😍

    31st May, 2017 at 11:46 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      Oh that’s fantastic, thanks so much for dropping a comment on here to explain it! The concept sounds similar to the English phrase “to look through rose tinted glass” though that’s not generally specific to falling in love. I’ve found it more commonly used when saying things in the past were better than they are now. 😊

      2nd June, 2017 at 1:00 am

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