Review: Winter Traum Café-Krokant Feinjoghurt from Mövenpick

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Product Review: Winter Traum Café-Krokant Feinjoghurt from Mövenpick |

I know, I know. It’s yet another yogurt review… but there’s only a few to get through before Christmas, so hang in there! This time we’re on the Winter Traum Café-Krokant Feinjoghurt from Mövenpick.

In translation, this becomes the Winter Dream Coffee Brittle Fine Yogurt.

Fine yoghurt “Coffee brittle” is a true coffee pleasure for yoghurt connoisseurs: Mövenpick “Fine Yoghurt Coffee Brittle” with the aromatic taste of coffee, refined with crispy nut brittles is the ideal snack for cold winter days. | Mövenpick

In truth I actually passed over this one several times. It just didn’t sound that great, if I’m honest. I’m all in where there’s coffee involved usually but the thought of nut brittle admittedly put me off. However in the interests of reviewing all of the available Mövenpick yogurts this season… here we are.

And it’s a bit of a shame to say it but my instincts on this were right. At least, for me. Which is an important thing to remember, as what suits one person another would most certainly disagree with.

So this yogurt again is a thick, nicely sweet, rich and creamy offering. Mövenpick really do that indulgent dessert yogurt well. There’s 14% fat in the cream yogurt and it’s delightful. After that, 20% of this pot is made up of the coffee brittle sauce.

There’s lots of little almond bits through the dark sauce, giving it a nutty texture. That 2% nut addition is about right, I think. Those almonds give the yogurt a bit of a nutty texture without being overly intrusive or irritating.

The sauce also delivers a reasonable amount of sweetness, but I didn’t think it was as sweet as either the Apple Strudel or the Cinnamon Plum versions I’ve tried before. It’s definitely the least sweet of the bunch so far.

As for the coffee… well it’s not a full on latte but at 0.5% coffee extract it’s a pleasing but mild flavour. Which is actually a good thing as I think the flavouring here is right. Rather than a ‘punch you in the face’ sort of impact, the coffee acts more harmoniously with the mild yogurt and I kinda liked the result. The coffee flavour is there but it’s not going to replace your morning espresso.

By no means is this a bad yogurt. It isn’t. It’s good, objectively. But my initial assessment of whether I would like it enough was right… The yogurt does what it should and is as advertised, but I’m not keen on all the nutty bits on a personal level. Unfortunately it’s not one I’d pick up again, but if you’re into coffee and nut flecked yogurts, I’d recommend it for you.

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