Review: Winter Kreation 2016 Minis from Ritter Sport

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The Winter 2016-2017 Collection of Ritter Sport Minis |

Three feature flavours for Winter 2016: White Cinnamon Crisp, Sugared Almonds and Coconut Macaroon.

I admit, this Ritter Sport post is a little late as this range of chocolate was released before Christmas 2016. In my defence, I found this Winter Minis box in Aldi just a couple of weeks ago, priced at €1.69.

Ritter Sport is a popular German chocolate brand and they release several seasonal Limited Edition chocolate bars throughout the year. This link will take you to their introductory post for these bars, released at the end of September 2016.

White Cinnamon Crisp (Weisse Zimt Crisp)

The Winter 2016-2017 Collection from Ritter Sport, Weisse Zimt Crisp (White Cinnamon Crisp) |

The scent of cinnamon is strong. The taste too is STRONG. I don’t joke about those capital letters. The result is somewhat like eating a Christmas scented Yankee Candle, if you could make the scent of it edible. After the first piece it blends better as a chocolate bar, once all those flavours are already melting together in your mouth. With 13% cinnamon crisp and 4% rice flakes, this is a sweet, creamy white chocolate encasing a crunchy crisp cinnamon speckled interior. I personally wouldn’t pick it up just to eat on its own. It does, however, make a fantastic cinnamony chocolatey addition to Christmas cookies.

Coconut Macaroon (Kokosmakrone)

The Winter 2016-2017 Collection from Ritter Sport, Kokosmakrone (Coconut Macaroon) | eatexploreetc.comWith an intense coconut flavour, this is like a Bounty bar on steroids. Milkier, smoother and creamier than a Bounty, this also includes Coconut Macaroon pieces (3.4%) and rice flakes (2.1%) for an airy light crunch, echoing the toasty edges of an old fashioned coconut macaroon. This filled milk chocolate variant also includes palm fat as an ingredient.

Sugared Almonds (Gebrannte Mandel)

The Winter 2016-2017 Collection from Ritter Sport, Gebrannte Mandel (Sugared Almond) | eatexploreetc.comThey’re not talking about the Sugared Almonds traditionally given out at weddings, those beautiful pastel coloured nuggets of concrete level sugar encased almonds. Oh no. These are referring to German sugared almonds. Throughout the Christmas period you’ll find stalls dotted around the markets, making and selling sugar coated nuts. Just sugar (and sometimes spice), heated up and spun in a little copper drum until they come out golden, sweet and crisp. This bar contains 15.5% caramelised almond pieces coated in at least 30% cocoa chocolate. Slightly darker and richer than the coconut macaroon chocolate, the sugared almonds add a definite caramelised flavour and lightly nutty crunch.

The Winter 2016-2017 Collection of Ritter Sport Minis |

Did you manage to pick any of these up over Winter? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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