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Katjes branded Vemoji sweets from Germany |

How many bags of sweets do you know that have their own emojis for your mobile phone?

A new release from Katjes and I had to buy them. Have you seen the cute bunny faces? How could I resist that?! I was also a bit confused… what on earth is a Vemoji?

Katjes branded Vemoji sweets from Germany |

Turns out Vemojis are “the worlds most popular veggie emojis for your mobile”. Now I’m not exactly au fait with popular emoji use. I like a smiley and the occasional animal, maybe even a Pusheen sticker… but this one was new to me entirely. Turns out you can “enjoy over 240 Veggie Emojis and stickers”! I’m pretty amused by it – take a look at their press release!

Katjes branded Vemoji sweets from Germany |

Ahhh I love Google Translate sometimes…

Do you feel like a snack full of emotions? | Katjes

Why, yes. Yes I do. So what do we have? Happy bunnies, love heart eyes bunnies, sad floppy eared bunnies, thumbs up, love in a speech bubble and… the letter V. Not sure they’re emotion filled but the bunnies are definitely cute!

Katjes branded Vemoji sweets from Germany |

They’re made of a foamed sugar gummy, which I love the texture of. It’s soft but chewy, squishy and sweet but tempered with brightly bursting fruitiness. They’re made with natural colours and flavours, being suitable for vegetarians like the rest of the Katjes range.

Flavours are strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apple and orange. The white sections are cherry, the green are apple and the orange… well, orange.Strawberry and raspberry make up the pink bits. The orange one somehow reminds me of orange sherbet! In fact, the whole lot of them make me think of childhood pick and mix sweets but I can’t for the life of me pin down what it is I think they’re like. Useless reviewer!

Katjes branded Vemoji sweets from Germany |

These sweets are fun. There’s a not too firmly textured chew combined with a really lovely bright and naturally fruity taste. They’re light for a chewy sweet and quite addictive too! They’re very similar to the Green Eared Bunny sweets, only better because they’re smaller (easier to snack on) and contain a greater variety of flavours (yay!). I’d absolutely buy these again – I like the taste, texture and biting the ears off the bunnies! Ahem.  

19th April, 2017
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