Review: Urlegenden Flakes, Sultana, Apple & Chia Seeds from Kellogg’s

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Kelloggs Urlegenden Flakes - Sultana, Apple & Chia Seeds from Germany |

Known in the UK as Kellogg’s Ancient Legends Cereal, Spelt, Sultana, Apple & Chia Seeds.

I was looking for something healthier from the cereal aisle on a recent shopping trip, which is easier said than done. It feels like most things here in Bavaria are coated in sugar! It was a bit of a relief to see something that looked pretty high on the healthy scale.

Kelloggs Urlegenden Flakes - Sultana, Apple & Chia Seeds from Germany |

Google doesn’t seem to like the word “Urlegenden” and it refuses to translate it on the Kellogg’s website. Try “Urlegender” however and it returns the phrase “more primative”. Take a closer look at the packaging and you’ll see that the last letter of the word is both a “r” and a “n” with the way they’ve used the reflective shiny lettering and the faded red. As the reverse of the packet has a handful of languages, we’ll assume it’s sold in multiple countries – it must be intentional ambiguity!

The ingredients list is the same as in the UK’s Ancient Legends range, save for the dried apple pieces; listed as “Apple, Zitronensaft aus Zitronensaftkonzentrat” on the German pack and the UK ingredients list (via Ocado) as being Apple with “(Preservative Sulphur Dioxide)”. Other than that, it’s all mightily similar.

Before moving on to the actual review, I’ve got to give a quick shout out to the Kellogg’s packaging design team. I love the muted purple-red tone of the bag but especially neat is the profile of a hoplite helmet made out of a mosaic-inspired pattern. Ancient legend indeed!

Kelloggs Urlegenden Flakes - Sultana, Apple & Chia Seeds from Germany |

The essential bits then; 10% sultanas, 5% dried apple pieces, 1% chia seeds and 9.2g of sugar and 152 kcal per portion. It looks nice and healthy, with plenty of dried apple pieces peeking through the large, golden brown, crispy flakes with a good amount of chewy sultanas in the mix.

The cereal retains its crunch under milk, with the puffed bits of spelt floating to the surface. Those bits taste like an unsugared especially nutty Sugar Puff – there’s a toasted flavour and a popcorn type texture. These puffs have a lovely distinctive flavour and surprisingly held their own quite well when soaked in milk! I was a bit unimpressed when I first saw them but now I’m converted!

Kelloggs Urlegenden Flakes - Sultana, Apple & Chia Seeds from Germany |

Underneath the bits of fruity and toasted flavours lies something very familiar – that’s the flake itself. Contents list wholewheat at 51% and that’s the satisfying, comforting flavour I got throughout the entire packet. It’s got that rich, slightly seedy, nutty profile that good wholemeal granary bread has. In cereal flavour terms, this is most definitely a close relative of my favourite; Shreddies.

There’s quite a few flavours going on here and nothing really gets lost in translation. I’ve just finished the bag and there were plenty of chia seeds floating around in the bottom but they don’t add much to the overall dish and I didn’t notice their presence one way or another whilst munching away. Don’t count on them being evenly distributed!

All in all, Ancient Legends Flakes feels like an unfussy, good-for-you start to the day and I think it’s utterly delicious. Just my kind of breakfast!

3rd April, 2017
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