Review: Triple Choco Kakao from Milka

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Milka Triple Choco Kakao Bar from Germany |

The Triple Choco Kakao from Milka has three different kinds of filling…

Milka Triple Choco Cocoa combines three irresistible taste experiences in a delicate Alpine milk bar: a liquid chocolate filling, a wonderfully creamy and an exciting crispy filling with Oreo pieces. |

Milka Triple Choco Kakao Bar from Germany |

Description: Alpine milk chocolate with cocoa pieces (2.5%) and filled with cocoa cream (12%) and liquid cocoa preparation (8%).

The different fillings are easily distinguishable, with four pieces of each kind per bar. There’s a good, clean snap when breaking a piece off.

Milka Triple Choco Kakao Bar from Germany |

The Runny One | I was actually quite surprised by the appearance of the first filling. It looked a bit like chocolate ice cream sauce, with a viscous but runny consistency. It actually tastes like an ice cream sauce too, if it were enhanced with a generous amount of cocoa and a little less sugar. As a whole, the segment is quite rich and a bit more indulgent feeling in texture when munching.

The Fluffy One | The second filling has a mousse-like appearance. On the tongue, I found it super sweet and it added a cocoay coating to the inside of my mouth. I actually thought this would probably be my favourite section of the bar but it turns out to be my least.

The Firm One | The third filling is a solid block of chocolate with the occasional biscuit piece. The description says they’re Oreo but you’d be hard pressed to figure that out on your own. From the picture I thought it should have had chocolate nibbly bits throughout, but it tasted very much like a standard block of Milka. I wondered if something was missing… I later had another piece that had contained a couple of biscuit pieces. It was a much better experience but I feel like they missed something with this one.

Overall I like the idea of multi-filling chocolate bars, but this one unfortunately doesn’t work for me. I think you’d need to have quite a sweet tooth to enjoy this bar fully.

8th May, 2017
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