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Product Review: Tiki Taki Chocolate Bar from Wawel, Poland |

This Tiki Taki Polish chocolate bar from Wawel was a complete surprise to me! Sent my way by the always lovely Amy (who writes about sweet and edible things over at – this bar dropped through my letter box and is absolutely the best kind of mail to receive.

Wawel is a Polish confectionery company and it’s not a brand I knew about. Amy’s fabulous chocolate-mail changed all that!

Because I’m me, I didn’t go looking on the back for any English descriptions. Instead, I just decided to dig in. I’d expected it to be coconut filled chocolate (thanks to the picture on the front). But was it?

Well… Not quite!

From the first bite I knew this bar had both a layer of peanut creme and coconut creme, covered in a dark chocolate shell.

I like the edge of bitterness the dark chocolate brings here, with 43% cocoa it’s more of a semi-sweet chocolate – and it goes so well with the sweeter filling. Squares break off easily and the creme fillings are fairly smooth, with some of the coconut’s fibrous flesh lingering a little beyond the melt. It’s not obtrusive, but must come from the 4.3% “coconut rasps” content.

Actually, the thing I liked most about this bar was the peanut part. It came as a complete surprise as there’s no peanut graphic on the packet artwork… but it felt like an airy peanut butter. The peanut butteryness with a mild coconut creme is an interesting pairing.

Coconut isn’t a flavour I tend to go for. I don’t mind it but it can get a bit much sometimes… That being said, I am the person that will eat up the left over Bounty bars from a workplace sharing tub of Celebrations, so I can’t be that averse.

I found the coconut and peanut portions (though not exactly evenly distributed) to balance against each other well, neither overpowering the other. Combined with that semi-sweet chocolate (which nicely avoided feeling waxy), I was very pleased with this bar.

I wasn’t planning on reviewing it actually (as I’ve still got plenty of German things to get through before I leave!) but I just really enjoyed it. Thanks so much Amy for the chocolate delivery! 

7th November, 2017
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