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Katjes Tappsy Liquorice Panda Gummy Sweets from Germany |

Vegetarian friendly, liquorice flavoured Panda face shaped chewy gummy sweets.

Katjes is a vegetarian friendly brand that doesn’t use animal gelatine in their products. These cute little panda faces also happen to use natural colours and be gluten free!

We at Katjes think black and white are simply the yummiest, softest and most liquoricy colours in the world, because that’s what our sweet Tappsy pandas look like.

It’s hard to argue with that!

Katjes Tappsy Liquorice Panda Gummy Sweets from Germany |

You might have spotted the brand name and thought it sounded like it would have something to do with cats. Well you’d be right! “Katjes” is Dutch and means “little cat”, with the brand being named after their original product line of little liquorice cat shaped sweets. If you’d like to find out more about their history, click here – or if you’d like to go the Google Translate route, this will take you to their German website.

Prices for Katjes sweets can range from 59 cents when on offer to around €1 and they’re widely available. These cute faces came from Rossmann (think Superdrug but without drugs) and various selections of their varieties can be found in most supermarkets.

Katjes Tappsy Liquorice Panda Gummy Sweets from Germany |

The white sections of these Tappsy pandas have a creamy, milky flavour, with a barely foamy texture. It’s soft, mild, chewy and creamily sweet, particularly when contrasted with the black portions. Those liquorice sections remind me of the Bertie Bassett sweet in both texture and flavour; a little bit strong and a slightly harder textured gummy. It’s the type that gets stuck in your teeth! That being said, these guys arn’t as hard on the teeth to chew as Haribo, which is partly why they’re a frequent visitor to my snack stash cupboard.

For me, the liquorice flavour is quite potent and the milkier partially foamed gummy is a welcome flavour contrast that helps tone down the overall strength of the liquorice. Now I’m rather partial to a bit of liquorice but I don’t like it to be especially strong, so if you’re sitting on the fence about liking it, these probably arn’t for you! Other than that, the little red fruit gummi nose doesn’t add anything to the flavour profile but it does help make these Tappsy panda faced sweets be super cute.

Katjes also make an utterly adorable hare shaped sweet with a green ear, if cute, fruity, non-liquorice flavoured sweets are more to your liking!



8th March, 2017
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    These are right up my street- I love liquorice anything!

    8th March, 2017 at 8:40 pm
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