Review: Sweet Chili Pepper Doritos from Lays

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Doritos Sweet Chili Pepper from Germany |

These Sweet Chili Pepper Doritos are more familar than I expected… Oh Germany, you can be so tricksy sometimes!

Not too long ago I had a Cadbury Wunderbar which turned out to be a Starbar with a different name. Can you tell where this is going? Oh yes…

I saw this bag of Doritos and thought to myself: ‘That’s something different, is it a new flavour? Of course it’s Germany, so it has a picture of a pepper on the front… I should pick it up and try it out.’ They didn’t have a ‘new’ sticker in the store but there’s also no mention of them on the Lays website. Quite looking forward to trying something a little bit different, I open the bag and take a deep inhale. Huh. I recognise that. 

Doritos Sweet Chili Pepper from Germany |

You may have already guessed it, but these are basically Chilli Heatwave Doritos. There are minor differences in the ingredients listing but nothing massively significant. In my mid-teens I went through a phase of utterly loving them dipped in Philadelphia Light. Health wise, I’ve come a long way since then. These Doritos haven’t really changed though.

Doritos Sweet Chili Pepper from Germany |

They’ve got the usual corn based Dorito flavour and impressive crunchy texture. The coating is spicy and sweet, the heat building pleasantly with each chip. That sweet red chilli flavour likes to linger at the back of the tongue to start with and after a while it progresses to a chilli hot tingliness on the tip of my tongue. They’re quite potent and for me they’re an enjoyable munch. Whilst I was a little disappointed they wern’t something new, they’re still a very welcome addition to my snack cupboard!

25th April, 2017
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