Review: Süsse Mäuse from Haribo

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Haribo Sweet Mice |

Pink and White Süsse Mäuse from Haribo have been on my ‘must try’ list for a while now!

I’m glad I finally got around to plonking these in my shopping basket. Quite simply, I rather enjoyed these Sweet Mice!

Haribo Sweet Mice |

Made of a soft foamed sugar, these pink and white mice have an unusual but fun shape with a lightly fruity flavour. Pink are raspberry and white are a light citrussy orange.

They’re not the most attractive sweet that Haribo produce, in fact they look a little bit deformed in some cases. See the pink mouse on the top left? He seems to have a nose growth no other mouse has yet contracted!

Haribo Sweet Mice |

They’re soft, foamy and don’t require jaw-ache-inducing chewing! Yay! Don’t get me wrong, they’re still chewy – they’re just more marshmallowy than your average Haribo offering and that works for me.

Naturally, they’ll still leave that “Hmmm I’ve just eaten a bag of sugar” feeling in your mouth, but that’s Haribo. In fact, the first three ingredients on the packet are just three different kinds of sugar, so really you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Haribo Sweet Mice |

These are actually such a simple sweet, there’s not much else to describe. Even Haribo couldn’t manage more than a handful of words!

The soft foam-sugar-SWEET MICE is available in the fruity flavors of raspberry and juice orange. | Haribo

So that’s it! Squishy, chewy, fruity. Flavour wise? I’m on team Pink.

7th June, 2017
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