Review: Super Dickmann’s Berliner from Storck

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Product Review: Super Dickmann‘s Berliner from Storck, Germany |

This is a new Limited Edition item from Storck, based on their ever popular marshmallowy filled and chocolate coated snack. So how are these “Berliner” different? Let’s take a look!

To start with, I wanted to mention that I was ever so disappointed over Christmas. Alright, only a little. I couldn’t find the Christmas release of Super Dickmann’s Dicke Nüsse. That sound you can hear is me laughing. If you’re wondering what you missed out on, there’s a You Tube video from Junk Food Guru so you can take a proper look.

This time though, I managed to find a box of their newest variant in a Hit supermarket near Munich centre.

How do you celebrate the foolish days? Super Dickmann’s make for fun at every carnival party! |

These are released for the Karneval season in Germany – that’s the time of year just before Lent starts. Actually, between Christmas and Lent you can also find all sorts of weird and wonderful doughnuts – they’re everywhere! In Bavaria I know them as Krapfen. Throughout a fair amount of Germany you’ll find them called Berliner… but in Berlin they’re called Pfannkuchen.

So I picked up this box of Super Dickmann’s expecting that they’d tried to emulate a jam filled doughnut. A Berliner.


Opening the box revealed coconut dusted balls in two neat little rows. The coconut scent was pretty strong and straight away I felt they’d made a mistake with using it. Yes it looks pretty and from a distance gives the impression of a sugar coated doughnut, but really that’s where the similarity ends. If you’re going to coat something in coconut, don’t pretend it’s anything other than a coconut flavoured thing. Doughnuts are not coconut.

Next up, the coating. It’s not chocolate. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but the shell tastes a bit like a bland fake white chocolate. So it actually works well as a plain, nondescript coating to keep the filling in. It’s not offensive and does the job well enough.

The whipped marshmallowy meringuey foam stuff is just as good as ever, if you’re into that sort of thing (and surprisingly, I am). It’s fluffy, light, sweet and fun. However the wafer is, as usual, stale in texture and rubbish in terms of flavour.

Pulling the “Berliner” into halves reveals a thin layer of sauce. It’s a strong and sweet raspberry syrup sauce that reminds me instantly of ice cream drizzle. The stuff I’d get as a child on a 99 ice cream from the ice cream van. For nostalgic reasons, I actually like it.

Though it looks like the filling is lacking, there’s actually enough flavour there for it to work. Any more sauce and you’d be heading over into sickly territory.

So then, folks. This is not a Berliner. It’s not a doughnut other than perhaps in initial inspiration. I actually like the raspberry sauce in the centre, along with the fluffy Dickmann’s marshmallow fluff. I’d like to see the sauce inside their usual chocolate variety actually, it’d be great. However… the coconut here. It’s just not for me. Desiccated coconut imparts plenty of flavour and texture, but it’s wrong on both accounts for a ‘Doughnut’ replica. If you’re missing Tunnock’s Snowballs though, you should give these a try.

8th February, 2018
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    wow, these look amazing!!

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