Review: Sour Cream Jumpys from Funny-Frisch

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Jumpys Sour Cream Flavour Crisp from Germany |

Another new product, these are Sour Cream flavoured Jumpys! Kangaroo crisps that aren’t paprika!

So if you’ve read my review of the original Paprika Jumpys you’re not going to find a whole lot new here. The basics are very similar, with these being suitable for vegetarians and being packaged in a 75g bag.

Jumpys Sour Cream Flavour Crisp from Germany |

There’s a 61% potato content, so they’re just slightly lower than the originals and interestingly these don’t say they’re gluten free. Scanning through the list of ingredients, there’s again sunflower oil, potato starch and salt, along with onion powder. Yeast extract turns up in the dried sour cream flavouring as well as sweet whey powder, garlic powder and parsley.

Jumpys Sour Cream Flavour Crisp from Germany |

These kangaroo shaped snacks have the same small, cute quality that makes them an easy munch. They’re light, delicate and have a good crunch. As for the flavouring? It’s not just Sour Cream – though not as strong as a Sour Cream & Onion Pringle, there’s a definite onion flavour to these. I didn’t go hunting through the ingredients list until I’d tasted them though, so you know I wasn’t swayed by that list.

It’s interesting that onion isn’t included on the packet front. Perhaps in Germany there’s an assumption that sour cream means sour cream and onion? I actually wasn’t expecting the onion, to be honest with you. I thought there’d just be a mild creamy flavour. Not for the first time when guessing about snacks, I was wrong!

Jumpys Sour Cream Flavour Crisp from Germany |

Overall then, these are a mild and creamy, sour cream and onion, airy, crunchy, crisp snack. They’re perfectly fine and I liked them but they won’t be replacing the paprika flavour in my regular shop. Shock! I might be becoming Bavarian! … Nah.

There doesn’t seem to be a section for them on the website yet but I’ve seen these for sale in Netto (which is where these came from) and Rewe so far. With German supermarkets it’s hard to tell whether something will stick around or not – so if these sound good to you, make sure to stock up whilst you have a chance. Things you like can sometimes just disappear on you here!

17th May, 2017
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