Review: Snack mit Erdnuss from Nestlé

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Nestlé Snack Bar with Peanuts |

I spotted this Nestlé Snack bar with Peanuts at a local Netto store.

It looked like chocolate, wafer and peanut. What could go wrong?

Nestlé’s delicious snack bar for the perfect snack break between meals! Crispy waffle layers surround soft peanut cream and peanuts to create a delicious mix. The NESTLÉ SNACK® peanut with its nutty flavor is the wonderfully light bar for peanut fans. | Nestlé

Nestlé Snack Bar with Peanuts |

There was a lovely peanut aroma on opening the packet and I was quite looking forward to eating the bar. I’d hoped for something akin to peanut butter in the mix…

Nestlé Snack Bar with Peanuts |

But no.

There’s 17.3% roasted peanut in the bar and you can see them, thoroughly covering the top. With the very visible peanut chunks I’d expected more flavour… And it’s a little odd for me to be saying this, as I’m not the biggest salt fanatic in the world – but the peanuts could have done with a bit more salinity.

I’d hoped the peanut creme filling would have added a little density to the airy light waffle, but it didn’t.

Nestlé Snack Bar with Peanuts |

The main problem isn’t really the natural peanut flavour not being quite strong enough. It’s that the whole bar is coated in a thin, sugary, chocolate-style coating. It’s a glaze, not proper chocolate! It tastes cheap, really. Though there’s a nice, natural peanut aftertaste the not-quite-chocolate coating ruins the whole thing. It’s a light and ultimately unsatisfying bar.

24th May, 2017
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