Review: Schwarzwälder Krapfen from Rischart in Munich

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Schwarzwälder Krapfen and Happy Krapfen from Rischart, Munich (Bavarian Doughnuts) |

The Schwarzwälder Krapfen… otherwise known as a Black Forest Doughnut!

For some reason or other, the S-Bahn we were on terminated unexpectedly at the München Ost (Munich East) station. Rather than jump on another train, we decided to walk to Munich centre instead. It was a lovely, sunny day and what better way to start our walk than by eating a doughnut! I know, I know. My excuses need some work. From the Rischart bakery in the underground section of the station I chose a Schwarzwälder krapfen and Mr. E3 chose a Happy krapfen. Look at its smiling face!

Like my earlier review of Rischart doughnuts, these were made of the same base doughnut bread dough. It’s light and delicate, which Mr. E3 commented was more like a pastry to him than a doughnut. I can see where he’s coming from on that one – they certainly don’t give you that “Oh gosh, now I’m full of bready doughnuts!” sort of feeling. Is that a thing? Let’s say it’s a thing.

The Happy Krapfen is a standard style filled doughnut with strawberry jam. The Schwarzwälder, on the other hand, is a construction along the same lines as the Tiramisu doughnut. It’s sliced in half to add the fillings. So starting at the top, the Black Forest doughnut is topped with a black cherry, balanced on a blob of cocoa cream, over sweet icing dusted liberally with chocolate shavings. Open it up and you’ll find an outer edge of fluffy whipped cream, with a centre of cocoa whipped cream.

Deconstructed Schwarzwälder Krapfen from Rischart, Munich (Bavarian Doughnuts) |

At this point, people were looking at me quite oddly. I suppose an English girl deconstructing a doughnut and trying to take pictures in horrible lighting (sorry for that, by the way) is a little bizarre to find at a Munich train station. Nevertheless, I scooped a little of the cream to one side and found the lusciously dark underbelly of black cherry sauce! One taste took me right back to those massive Black Forest gâteau’s I remember from childhood (back when they were popular). The sauce is thick and very floral. I’m not quite sure how best to put it – I said to Mr. E3 at the time that it was like a cherry chapstick but not. I knew then that I’d have a hard time writing this review!

In the end, it tasted exactly as I remembered the cherry part of a Black Forest cake tasting. Dark cherries, thick jammy sauce, strongly floral overtones – all wrapped up in a non-sweet fluffy whipped cream that delivers a nice cocoa flavour, served up on a cloud-like doughnut base! The Schwarzwälder Krapfen isn’t my favourite of the Fasching season but I’m happy to have paid the €2.50 to try it.

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