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Dickmann's Schoko Strolche from Germany | EatExploreEtc

Let’s have a look at Schoko Strolche from Dickmann’s… Mini Chocolate Kisses for Maxi-Fun!

Alright so I actually went with this box of smaller chocolate kisses on purpose… in part because I’m not sure I wanted to face their larger sibling, Super Dickmann’s. The name alone gave me a giggle when I arrived in Germany! Yes yes, I know…

Dickmann's Schoko Strolche from Germany | EatExploreEtc

So looking at the box, Schoko Strolche means Chocolate Rascals. There’s 24 per box in three delicious varieties. *Ahem* Reserve judgement on that part, if you will.

Small, cheeky and incredibly delicious! The Dickmann’s chocolate bars are miniature, but make giant fun. With dark, white or whole milk chocolate they are the hit for the whole family. In short, the Minis are always good for a surprise, for example, hiding in crepes or chocolate skewers. | Dickmanns

Dickmann's Schoko Strolche from Germany | EatExploreEtc

Hiding in crepes? Well, alright then… if you say so. These guys are small, at about 3.5cm tall and 3cm wide. The ingredients list isn’t especially revealing, other than they specifically state the use of barn eggs.

The chocolate coatings arn’t bad… Though that’s not to say they’re fantastic. The chocolate is thin and probably more closely related to the cheaper chocolate glazes found on discount brand products than you favourite chocolate bar. Whilst there’s a decent amount of cocoa bitterness in the dark chocolate, the milk chocolate is… well. Sweet milk chocolate. And the white chocolate version tastes like a cheaper Milky Bar.

Dickmann's Schoko Strolche from Germany | EatExploreEtc

If we were going to compare them to a British product, the filing for Tunnock’s Teacakes is probably the closest. It’s light, fluffily whipped, sweet and easily the best part about these things.

Dickmann's Schoko Strolche from Germany | EatExploreEtc

The base however is atrocious. The wafer is, quite frankly, unpleasant. I’d rate it like eating bargain basement ice cream cones that have been left out for a bit too long and have gone a bit chewy. They’re dry with a stale-like quality. I imagine eating sawdust, compressed into a pancake-flat disc, would be as nice as these… Perhaps a bit extreme but I don’t know how else to tell you how truly awful I thought these were. When doing the initial review, I even wrote down “the waffle base really sucks”.

I genuinely don’t understand why they seem so popular. They’re in all the supermarkets, they come in multiple variants… Maybe I should have gone with Super Dickmann’s after all?

If you’re a person that really loves these, please can you explain it to me?

**Edit: I have been informed on Twitter that these are originally Danish, they’re popular because they’re ‘great’ and that I should try it on a bread roll. That last one was the winner: I’ve been convinced to give the Super ones a try! Watch this space…

8th June, 2017
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  • Reply LauraDaisyChain

    The name of these cracks me up too. My Dutch Auntie loves them- and I always indulge when I visit! xx

    8th June, 2017 at 5:42 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      The lovely folk on Twitter convinced me that I should try the larger ones. Review up Monday! 😃

      10th June, 2017 at 9:28 am

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