Review: Schoko-Brownie and Kakao-Mousse Bars from Ritter Sport

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Ritter Sport Schoko-Brownie and Kakao-Mousse Bar from Germany |

There’s two lots of Ritter Sport chocolate in this review today! Twice the yum?

Ritter Sport is one of those brands that produces consistently good chocolate. There’s always a depth of flavour to the bars and it’s not often they fall into a Cadbury’s “sugar” trap that leaves the chocolate lacking something. Let’s get munching on the Schoko-Brownie and Kakao-Mousse bars and see what they’re all about!


This is Ritter’s ‘Variety of the Year’ bar:

The RITTER SPORT variety of the year does not only consist of full-bodied, full-milk chocolate with high-quality cocoa, but is also filled with fine brownies, chocolate flakes and dark cocoa cream. | Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport Schoko-Brownie Bar from Germany |

Filled with brownie creme (39%) and chocolate pieces (6%), this bar comes in at 565 kcal per 100g. With a slightly darker chocolate outer shell, it’s as lovely as always with a good depth of flavour. I found the bar starts off with a milky chocolateyness, moving into something creamy and sweet as the middle comes in to play before finishing on a rich cocoa note with a touch of caramelised sugar.

Ritter Sport Schoko-Brownie Bar from Germany |

The filling is creamy and slightly gritty in texture, which sounds like it might be unpleasant but it really isn’t. It actually feels (and tastes) like it’s filled with brownie crumbs from the edge pieces. You know the ones that go a little bit sugar crisp and drier where it’s touched the baking tray? It’s a touch of genius because if you were wondering how Ritter Sport would achieve something that reminds the consumer of brownies, this is the way to go. After all, brownies are butter, sugar and chocolate. How could that stand out in a chocolate bar? Wonderfully, this hits the nail on the head.


Through the magic of Google Translate, may I present to you…

The airier the mousse, the more space it needs to unfold properly. Our new varietal RITTER SPORT cocoa mousse is therefore equipped with extra large chocolate cups. | Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport Kakao-Mousse Bar from Germany |

Once you’ve wrapped your beautiful noggin around the slightly word-salad translation, you may have spotted that the Kakao-Mousse squares are way bigger than the normal Ritter Sport size. Compared to the Schoko-Brownie, the chocolate used for the outer shell is a slightly lighter colour and creamier flavour. This gives it a lovely contrast to the dark and airy middle.

Ritter Sport Kakao-Mousse Bar from Germany |

Now I know the middle doesn’t look much like a mousse but I do have a confession. These had been in the fridge just prior to taking the photos… When you’re eating it though the visual doesn’t exactly matter, because the texture is definitely airy and creamy, regardless of being fridge-cold or not. There’s a real hit of cocoa with it and the slight nod towards the bitterness of dark chocolate works really well here. Ingredients list cocoa creme at 40% with the calories reaching 577 kcal per 100g.

These two bars are utterly lovely and if you can get a hold of them, I’d highly recommend each of them.

6th April, 2017
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