Review: Pocket Coffee Espresso from Ferrero

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Product Review: Pocket Coffee Espresso from Ferrero, Germany |

I’ve seen this for sale in my local Rossmann loads of times during my stay in Germany, so I figured it was about time I gave it a go. What could something called “Pocket Coffee” really be?

My brain had conjured up the notion that it’d be a coffee flavoured caramel inside a chocolate shell. But as we know, my brain is often wrong about products here in Germany…

Opening the pack and I’m greeted by five substantial looking chocolates. They remind me of Mon Chéri straight away. Flip one over and the packet has a warning of sorts. “Liquid Center”.

Product Review: Pocket Coffee Espresso from Ferrero, Germany |

The chocolate itself smells like a dark chocolate and strong, bitter roast coffee. There’s nothing left to do here but bite into the thing… And oh my word they were not kidding about the liquid centre part.

Bloody hell that’s strong.

Pocket Coffee is real, liquid, Italian espresso wrapped in crisp, fine chocolate. | Pocket Coffee

Product Review: Pocket Coffee Espresso from Ferrero, Germany |

Espresso and coffee extract in the product 19%.

It’s a slightly sugar sweetened shot of coffee in the middle. There’s something lightly crunchy on the inside of the chocolate shell and it feels like sugar crystals. It’s not offensive or anything but it’s like if you’ve failed to mix your sugar sachet into the coffee properly – at the end  you’re left with a few sugar crystals in the bottom of the mug.

Product Review: Pocket Coffee Espresso from Ferrero, Germany |

I found the coffee liquid taste to be strong but smooth and sweetened. However taken as a whole with the chocolate, there’s a strong bitter roast flavour that comes through. That specific roasted flavour doesn’t seem to be in the syrup, so it must be in the chocolate itself. Checking out the ingredients list gives us “Liquid Espresso Filling 54% (sugar, liquid espresso)” and semi-bitter chocolate (23%) – which also includes coffee extract.

Product Review: Pocket Coffee Espresso from Ferrero, Germany |

These Pocket Coffee are definitely a bit scary. They’re so potent. So strong. The first chew is almost overwhelming and it’s so bizarre I’m not 100% sure what to make of it.

After the shock of impact on your taste buds wears off, I found a bitter chocolate, sweetened coffee and vanilla flavour came through. But man does that flavour last and last and last. One of these will live with you for a long, long while after consumption.

I’m not even sure if I like them or not but they most certainly are what they say. Literally, a coffee in your pocket. Yikes!

11th January, 2018
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