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Hairbo Pinkie and Lilly - Owl Shaped Gummy Sweets from Germany |

I haven’t had the best of success with my Haribo choices here in Germany. Can Pinkie & Lilly redeem them?

The short answer? Yes. I actually liked these enough that I drew myself a little love heart doodle in my notebook.

Countless HARIBO fans have wanted it: the popular owl duo PINKIE & LILLY is now also in the bag! Not only are they a real eye-catcher, but also tastefully taste the delicious, fruity tastes of cassis and raspberry. | Haribo

Hairbo Pinkie and Lilly - Owl Shaped Gummy Sweets from Germany |

These are a fruit gummy shape with foamed sugar back, made without artifical colourings. On opening the bag there’s a REALLY fruity aroma. Like walking into a fruit jelly filled cupboard, if that was indeed a thing. With them smelling so amazing, I couldn’t wait to try!

Texture wise, they’re the standard hard chewy gummy that Haribo produces, but I’ve always got a fondness for the ones with a foamy sugar back. I like the contrast and it softens the whole chewing experience a little. I knew they’d have to taste pretty good though to make it worth the jaw-workout.

Hairbo Pinkie and Lilly - Owl Shaped Gummy Sweets from Germany |

By the way, how cute are these guys? So cute! They’ve got little hearts on their bellies… Haribo have even given them little feet! It’s a really impressive gummy shape, come to think of it…

Hairbo Pinkie and Lilly - Owl Shaped Gummy Sweets from Germany |

Purple are a blackcurrant flavour. Excitingly, they’re properly blackcurranty. The same level of blackcurranty awesomeness you get from eating unmelted jelly squares that should be going into the jelly you’re making. I’ve not done that since I was little and made jellies with my Nan, so I’m well aware part of the strongly positive reaction I’m having to these sweets is that they remind me of childhood fun. For anyone lovely enough to be reading this, the important part is that the flavour is good.

Hairbo Pinkie and Lilly - Owl Shaped Gummy Sweets from Germany |

The pink coloured ones are raspberry. It’s not something that’s listed on the pack that I can see but it tasted like raspberry to me – a fact confirmed when I visited the Haribo website for the quote above. The flavour isn’t as pronounced as the blackcurrant version but it’s a nice sweet representation all the same.

Warning: Look away now if you don’t want to see owl gummy decapitation!

Hairbo Pinkie and Lilly - Owl Shaped Gummy Sweets from Germany |

Will I buy these again? Definitely. I love the blackcurrant flavour and happily my bag had those in abundance!

16th May, 2017
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  • Reply Christie (A Sausage Has Two)

    Oh these look good. I’m generally pretty disappointed with the selection of Haribo available in Germany too (irony klaxon), mainly because WHERE ARE THE STARMIX, but I like the sour ones and… oh god I can’t even remember the ones we usually get, what has happened to me? But in any case I unfortunately ate far too many of them when I was pregnant the first time round and they now leave me with a really nasty fake chemically sort of aftertaste that’s put me right off them. Really not happy about that.

    16th May, 2017 at 5:56 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      I happen to like the Haribo Super Mix best. It’s the one with tiny little jelly babies and milk bottles! … I keep on trying these Haribo out here in Germany but they’re all much of a sameness, in that they’re so bloody difficult to get my teeth into. I’m not sure what German kids are made out of, but it must be strong stuff!

      Is there anything Haribo-like in the USA that tastes better to you? And I suppose there’s always Katjes when you come back to Germany. 🙂

      16th May, 2017 at 6:08 pm
      • Reply Christie (A Sausage Has Two)

        I haven’t tried any jelly sweets over here – I haven’t even been tempted because I’m so off the Haribo ☹️ I’m *always* eyeing up the chocolate, but it’s so incredibly sweet over here!! Even the Lindt is made over here rather than imported and it’s sweetened up a lot… my poor husband was really disappointed! We’ve had all our German visitors bring over *proper* Lindt for him 😂 Having said that, I’m just enjoying a bar of Divine (dark chocolate with raspberries – SO GOOD) and I had a look at the packet and it’s made in Germany and distributed here – there’s the odd bonus to globalization eh? 🤣

        16th May, 2017 at 9:10 pm
        • Reply Eat Explore Etc

          Whilst I’ll happily give American jelly-style sweets a go, I have honestly never found an American chocolate that tasted good to me. I’m actually quite surprised that Lindt has extra sugar added in America – I’d have imagined global brands would keep their recipes for different markets very similar. Though I admit to liking the fact you’ve found a chocolate you like and it’s German 😉

          16th May, 2017 at 9:59 pm

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