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Product Review: Pfefferminz Chocolate from Ritter Sport, Germany |

Pfefferminz or Peppermint is actually a variety of Ritter Sport chocolate that’s available in the UK. It’s a bar I (spoiler alert!) really like…

Based on that mini introduction, I’m pretty sure you already know which way this review is heading!

From the German site, via Google Translate:

The reason why so many people love the RITTER SPORT peppermint lies in the USA. From there comes the peppermint oil, which we use for our minty refreshing and tender melting fondant filling. A long-distance relationship that has been dear to us and many others for over 30 years. | Ritter Sport

Open the pack and it smells gloriously like After Eight chocolates. There’s a dark chocolate scent with bags of minty fresh peppermint.

As if you couldn’t guess, this is a filled semi-sweet dark chocolate with a fondant peppermint creme filling. The ingredients list comes in as: Dark chocolate: cocoa solids 50% minimum. Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable fat (palm, coconut), cocoa butter, glucose syrup, stabiliser (sorbitol syrup), butterfat, emulsifier (soya lecithins), peppermint oil.

The smooth dark chocolate blocks snap cleanly apart, so non of the lovely filling escapes or gets smushily crushed between your fingers. You know how After Eights can be quite delicate? This offering is far more robust.

The filling itself is a strong peppermint fondant, bright white in colour and soft, smooth and not even a little bit gritty.

This is what happens when Ritter Sport remake the After Eight. It’s a lovely, refreshing bar where the dark 50% cocoa chocolate pairs really well against the minty cool creme filling. It’s not too sweet or too bitter. For me, it’s just spot on!

9th February, 2018
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