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✅ Review: Peanut Crunch Bananito from MightyBee

Last week I reviewed the Banoffee Bananito bar. This time I’m trying out MightyBee’s Peanut Crunch flavour!

As I mentioned last time, I bought these bars from Ocado. I paid 60p and got them on offer, but they’re only 75p at full price. There are actually two other flavours in the range (Cashew Cookie and Coconut Delight) but I haven’t picked them up yet.

Each bar equals one banana, but they’re not the bananas you’re used to picking up in Asda or Tesco. These are the Kluai Namwa Banana from Thailand. They’re small, naturally sweet and are “believed to be a natural mood enhancer”. At least, that’s what the website says.

The Peanut Crunch bar is:

There’s only four ingredients in this little 35g bar; Solar dried banana (72%), Peanut (24%), Sesame Seeds (4%), Sea Salt.

Opening the wrapper, I get a scent of banana and peanut. A good start.

The texture is firmly pressed. I don’t get as much of the ‘slippy film’ across the surface of the bar like last time, but it’s not entirely dry and nor is it sticky. This product isn’t exactly chewy either, but there’s a bit of bendy pliability to it. It doesn’t melt away in the mouth – it does require some chewing. It just isn’t chewy.

Taste wise… banana and peanut. Again it’s the rich, slightly deeper flavour of banana I get in here. It’s not fresh and lightly fruity, but if you enjoy eating banana chips (like from dried fruit mixes or your box of Fruit & Fibre) then you’ll most likely enjoy the taste in the Bananito bars.

The peanut flavour is more like an unroasted nut, there’s no real depth to it. Instead it’s actually quite a light but distinct peanut flavour.

I think this bar takes a little getting used to in terms of the texture, but I actually enjoyed the flavour quite a bit. Bananito bars are a bit different to what we’d usually find in the UK market, so be prepared to give your brain a little while to understand what you’re eating. Ultimately though I enjoyed it and would actually consider picking one up again. Not bad!

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