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Haribo Ostermix - "Easter Mix" - a German Haribo variety released for Easter |

This bag of chewy, fruity, foamy sweets from Haribo is here just for Easter.

Haribo release a huge variety of sweets in Germany throughout the year. There always seems to be something new! This fuschia pink bag of Easter mix (Ostermix) appeared in Netto a few weeks ago and I picked it up for 95 cents.

Haribo offer this description from their website (P.S. Google Translate, I love you.)

The 16 figures in Ostermix are available in the delicious fruity flavors of pineapple, banana, raspberry, strawberry, mango, orange, melon, vanilla, blackcurrant and lemon. From chicks to sheep – all popular Easter motifs are there and inspire at every Easter festival.

I, however, hadn’t read this before eating my way through the bag… And I had the (dis)pleasure of finding both Watermelon and Banana flavours hiding in the foam backed sweets!

Haribo Ostermix - "Easter Mix" - a German Haribo variety released for Easter |

Starting from the top:

  • Foamy Bunnies – These are a little more elastic than I’d have imagined but with a pleasing texture and a lightly fruity flavour. The bunnies are the least sugary on the tongue of the whole bag, the foamy quality helping to mellow it out.
  • Foam Bellied Birds & Hatching Chicks – If you’ve had the UK Supermix version of Haribo, you’ll know these best as a gigantic frog. Only because they’re so much larger than the frog, they’re a little bit harder to chew… And because they’re pretty huge, if you get a flavour you’re not fond of, the experience lasts a lot longer than you’d like!
  • Fruit Jellies covered in Nonpareils – These are the little egg shaped sweets in the bottom corners, green, white and multicoloured. With a texture of a firm fruit pastille, a light fruit flavour and little hard nonpareils covering the surface, these are a welcome texture variation but they don’t half give you that ‘I’ve sandpapered my tongue with sugar’ sensation.
  • Floppy Ear Rabbits & Sheep – Standard, jaw-ache-inducing Haribo chewy jelly sweet. Either take your time to try and gnaw it in half to eat it, or accept you’ll feel like you’re trying to eat 10 Goldbears in one go.

Haribo Ostermix - "Easter Mix" - a German Haribo variety released for Easter |

If you’ve had Haribo before, you’ll not find overmuch new here and you should know what to expect – fruity flavours with a hard chewy texture and enough sugar to give your dentist a heart attack. For Easter, the shapes are fun but a little on the large side. I wouldn’t buy this Ostermix again but I’d happily tuck into a bag made purely of foamy bunnies.

13th March, 2017
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  • Reply Katherine GG

    These are just too cute! I love all the different shapes, especially the foamy bunnies. Great review 🙂

    15th March, 2017 at 4:55 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      Thanks Katherine! I admit buying them for the cute foamy bunnies peeking out at me from the transparent window. 🙂

      15th March, 2017 at 6:19 pm

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