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Beond Organic Acai Berry Bar |

I’ve tried two other Beond bars whilst here in Bavaria, how did this one do?

Regular readers will know I started off with the Blueberry Bar and had mixed feelings. The second attempt was an Apple and Cinnamon Bar which I loved! When I picked up a second I asked myself: ‘why not give this one a try too?’. So I did. Complex shopping process, it is not.

The Beond Organic Acai Berry Bar is… one of your five a day, organic, cold pressed, dairy free, soya free, gluten free and vegan.

What it ISN’T free of is annoying little hard seeds that properly stick themselves in your teeth. Now, I’m fairly sure I’ve got an average set of teeth. They bite things, chew things, keep my face from caving in on itself… You know, the usual. Overall after thirty-something years of use, I’m pretty happy with their performance record. So I refuse to believe it’s just me that would find this bar incredibly awkward to eat!

Beond Organic Acai Berry Bar |

The raspberry flavour is gentle and pleasant, with a good overall berry tone. This fits with it being a ‘Berry’ bar but I couldn’t tell you whether it’s the raspberry or the acai that I’m getting. That’s particularly true given that I’m not entirely certain what acai tastes like, but apparently it’s this:

Most people describe the flavor of the acai berry as being a cross between a rich blackberry or raspberry and a piece of dark chocolate. | Love to Know

Honestly though it doesn’t matter how lovely the flavour might be, the little hard seedy bits that are in every bite of this bar are just so texturally offputting for me, it made it a bit unenjoyable to eat. My notebook says it all: “The raspberry is nice but nope.” I’m really, really sorry Beond. I am. It’s just not for me.

5th April, 2017
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  • Reply LauraDaisyChain

    Yeah, the seeds would put me right off! Shame as the flavour sounds lovely! x

    5th April, 2017 at 6:46 pm
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