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Product Review: Moroccan Style Crisps from Lay's in Germany |

Known throughout the world as Lay’s, this company is better known to me as Walkers. Why? Well Walkers was a British crisp company that found itself bought up by Frito-Lay in 1989. Naming aside, this “Moroccan Style” flavour is new to the German market – so I thought we’d better take a look.

Whilst I know it’s a common joke that everything in Germany is Paprika flavoured (and it very nearly is), Lay’s have been branching out over the past 12 months. First we saw flavours like Cheese & Onion and Smoked Bacon turn up on shelves – all standard British flavours. Now though we’re seeing the company try and do something a little bit different.

So the question isn’t “What does Moroccan Style mean?” – it’s “What does Moroccan Style mean to the German NPD department?”. This is actually a rather important distinction.

I recently picked up a random pack of Chicken Nugget flavoured crisps from Funny-Frisch. I expected something along the lines of roast chicken flavouring to come out… but I was so wrong. Apparently ‘Chicken Nugget’ says to Germany, ‘Serve me with a Sweet Chilli Sauce’. So the crisps I ended up eating were actually more of a light Sweet Chilli Chicken. They were nice enough that we demolished the packet in one sitting but they weren’t something I’d recognise as a chicken nugget.

I’m waffling, I know. Moving on…

These crisps (or chips, if you prefer) are your standard Lay’s fare. There’s a light, airy crunch and as far as crisps go, they’re fairly non-greasy.

The flavour is interesting. They’re lightly spiced and enjoyably aromatic, with a little fruitiness in the background. I get paprika and black pepper throughout, but with occasional hints of cardamom. There’s more to the spice mix than those flavours, but they’re not individual enough for me to pick out.

Whatever Lay’s used though, overall it’s a warm, earthy mixture of spices and it’s nice enough. However… I wasn’t expecting the crisps to have a vinegary acidity to them. It’s a little confusing and does overshadow some of the spicing, at least as far as I’m concerned.

At a bit of a loss for how to describe them best, I asked Mr. E3 what he thought they tasted like and he said they were like a sweet curry with a bit of vinegar. That’s not surprising as Indian curry powders and Moroccan food have a fair few spices in common.

Would I buy them again? No. I’m weird and Salt & Vinegar crisps make the skin under my eyes / at the top of my cheeks feel strange, tingly and mildly clammy. I got the same reaction from these crisps, so I’ll not be bothering again. I’m also not going to judge whether or not they’re successful from a ‘Moroccan Style’ point of view. There’s some things in there that are right, but the vinegar just throws me off. Sorry folks!

9th January, 2018
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  • Reply Emma Raphael

    Can’t beat a salt and vinegar crisp sandwich though! 😀 They sound interesting… I actually really miss the paprika crisps now we are back, although my waistline probably doesn’t! 😀

    9th January, 2018 at 9:20 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      I really need to put a bunch of Jumpys in my food box, along with some Currywurst crisps. The other half will be pleased that Prawn Cocktail is an option again though 😀

      9th January, 2018 at 10:50 pm

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