Review: Mokkabohen (Mocha Beans) from Hussel Confiserie

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German Coffee Flavoured Chocolate Beans, Mocha Beans (Mokkabohnen) from Hussel Confiserie |

Fine mocha beans made from dark chocolate with at least 50% cocoa.

I picked this bag of Mocha Beans up from the Hussel Confiserie store hidden away in the underground S-Bahn shopping centre at Karlsplatz, Munich. It cost €3.99 and I thought it was a little pricey but there’s 200g of coffee chocolate in here. As we’re learning, I’m a coffee chocolate addict with little willpower!

Hussel stores turn up all over Germany and I think the best way to describe it is “German Thornton’s”.

German Coffee Flavoured Chocolate Beans, Mocha Beans (Mokkabohnen) from Hussel Confiserie |

These shiny polished coffee bean shaped nuggets come with 3% coffee infused into a solid dark chocolate. They’re not sweet despite sugar being the first ingredient in the list. The cocoa content neutralises it handily.

The chocolate itself melts easily on the tongue and doesn’t have any of those pesky vegetable fatty fillers hidden away inside (I’m looking at you, Cadbury!) though it does contain a couple of smoothers and emulsifiers in the form of Gum Arabic and Soya Lecithin. The coffee flavour is quite noticeable in the first bean or two but the strength of the chocolate quickly overpowers it. After a few, I find the coffee flavour gets a bit lost in the bitter edge of the dark chocolate.

Despite liking coffee flavoured chocolates, I’m not quite enjoying these. The bitter edge of the dark chocolate builds up a little more than I’d like and unfortunately they’re just not for me.

Not liking to be wasteful, I don’t just want to bin them…  Perhaps I should use the Mocha Beans up in baking? They could get melted down and added to buttercream for a fluffy coffee chocolate frosting. I’m failing to be inspired though! Do you have any suggestions?

21st February, 2017
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