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✅ Review: Mint Chocolate Builders Protein Bar from Clif

We get some Clif bars in the UK, but I’ve never seen the Builders Protein range. Is the Mint Chocolate bar any good? Let’s find out!

Chocolate and protein don’t get cooler than in this tasty, well-earned reward for a workout.

Ingredients: Soy protein isolate, cane syrup*, cane sugar*, brown rice syrup*, palm kernel oil, vegetable glycerin, unsweetened chocolate‡, soy flour*, rice flour*, chicory fiber syrup, natural flavors, roasted soybeans*, cocoa‡, soy protein concentrate*, high oleic sunflower oil*, rice starch, soy lecithin, alkalized cocoa‡, sea salt.

This is going to be an interesting one for some of you – this protein bar uses sugars, not chemicals. There’s no maltitol, sucralose or even stevia. And it tastes so much better for it.

It’s also gluten free and non-GMO.

The bar contains a layer of crunchy, airy, crispy bits. They have a slightly powdery texture, which reminds me of soy protein crunchy bits. But it’s not offensive – it’s just the nature of protein bars in the main.

On top of that, there’a soft, easily chewable layer. It’s not really fudgy, seeming a little drier and crumbly in comparison to something like a Grenade bar.

The whole thing is wrapped up in a thin layer of chocolate.

As for flavour – this is great. It’s like if After Eights were toned down just a little and made with milk chocolate. It’s fresh and light, without straying into toothpaste territory.

This is also a seriously substantial bar. It’s hefty, chunky and satisfying. Thumbs up!

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