Review: Milkinis from Milka

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Product Review: Milkinis from Milka, Germany |

Milka Milkinis. It sounds kinda cute, doesn’t it? And actually, the little bars of Milka chocolate that go along with the name are rather sweet themselves.

Sweet in that they’re small and cute. Sweet in that they’re full of sugar.

Product Review: Milkinis from Milka, Germany |

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Milka Milkinis are small bars wrapped in delicate Alpine milk chocolate and filled with fine milk cream. The practical bars are individually packed – ideal for sharing and enjoying. | Milka

There’s not much more I can say, if we’re going to be honest about it. But I’ll add some extra words to this review, just to be on the safe side. Taking a look at the back of the packet tells me this product is fairly widely available in Europe, with details given for Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

Product Review: Milkinis from Milka, Germany |

These little bars smell sweet – and they taste it too! The chocolate is mild on the cocoa here, having more in common with their cheaper children’s chocolates.

The chocolate is softer, so it breaks apart easily without cracking the chocolate and splintering away from the filling… so they’re not a messy bar. The filling has a creamy texture with a milky flavour, as you’d expect.

Product Review: Milkinis from Milka, Germany |

They’re actually pretty good for a small dose of super sweet chocolate. This isn’t where you go for a chocolate hit, but a sugar rush with great portion control. One of these little bars is just 63 kcals, making it a great treat to have stashed in your fridge when you’re after being aware of your calorie consumption. It’d be super easy to build one of these into a diet day.

Of course, they’re not aimed at dieters who want some sugar without going overboard. They’re for kids. And I can totally see how children would like them – sweet, mild chocolate and a milky, creamy centre? Sounds young person friendly to me!

27th November, 2017
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