Review: Milk Coffee flavoured Double Pretz from Glico

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Glico Double Pretz in a Milk Coffee Flavour |

You might know the brand name Glico. They’re the Japanese manufacturers of Pocky! But these arn’t Pocky…

Google Translate is a wonderful thing, sat at the top right of my address bar in Chrome. It’s been an absolute lifesaver with living in Germany and not speaking the language but it’s not always spot on. Please may I present to you the translation of this product from Glico’s Chinese language website:

In the baking biscuits made of biscuits, smudge sweet milk and concentrated alcohol coffee, the perfect fusion of chocolate cake chocolate sauce, each biscuit can enjoy two kinds of delicious combination of fun. Taste crisp, sweet and not greasy taste, can always enjoy the leisurely leisure fun and infinite delicious! |

So the gist is, this is a biscuit stick snack that combines two flavours into one product.

Glico Double Pretz in a Milk Coffee Flavour |

When I opened the packet, they smelt fantastic. Like a rich, slightly cocoa topped cappuccino. Interesting and good start! Have a look at one and you’ll find there’s a layer of something on one side, whilst the other looks kinda like a naked crisp pretzel snack.

That layer itself has a slight sweetness to it but not really a discernible flavour on its own. Though you may feel like a bit of an idiot for trying to nibble it off or lick it away to find out.  

Glico Double Pretz in a Milk Coffee Flavour |

The stick itself is quite dry and honestly they feel over baked. They turn to dry crumbs as I’m eating them, with those crumbs wanting to stick to my tongue rather than get swallowed.

There’s not much sweetness to these Double Pretz either, so the predominant flavours I get are an interesting mixture. There’s some barely-there bitter coffee with a slight hint of cocoa and a good dose of full fat cream to finish. In fact, once all the crumbs have disappeared off my tongue, I’m left with a rich cream flavour and the taste you get from slightly overcooked biscuit edges.

Glico Double Pretz in a Milk Coffee Flavour |

It’s unusual and surprisingly impressive to impart such richness from an incredibly dry biscuit stick. I really want to like these but the overall impression I’m left with is that it tastes like an overbaked breadstick-like biscuit with an overriding cream flavour. The coffee scent out of the packet is wonderful but I unfortunately don’t feel that the aroma is matched in the flavour.

Have you tried these? What do you think of Glico Double Pretz?

2nd May, 2017
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