Review: Milchreis mit Apfel from Landliebe

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Landliebe Milchreis mit Apfel from Germany |

Milchreis, or Rice Pudding, is one of those borderline products that I think can be consumed for dessert or breakfast. It’s probably more wishful thinking than a good idea, given the amount of cream and sugar in most preparations. So how does a German Rice Pudding compare to a British one?

And if you think there’d be no difference, you’re wrong. I made that mistake when I originally arrived and picked up a Zimt Müller Milchreis. Cinnamon, rice pudding… “Oooof, yes please”, said I. Nope, I was wrong too.

Landliebe Milchreis mit Apfel from Germany |

So what is it that’s so different about rice pudding here in Germany compared to the stuff we’re used to in Britain? Well, it’s all in the rice itself.

Which I’ll get to in a minute… (Aha! You’ll have to keep reading to find out!)

Landliebe Milchreis mit Apfel from Germany |

Pulling back the lid revealed a nicely full pot of apple scented rice pudding. Sometimes apple can get a bit lost, even when the product is supposed to be mainly apple flavoured. Perhaps as it’s so often used as a ‘filler’, I’ve become a little desensitised to it? Anyway, for whatever reason, it occasionally happens that products just don’t pack the apple punch you’re looking for.

Happily though, this Milchreis has nailed the flavour balance. With little chunks of fruit in a gently sweet sauce, there’s a decent enough amount of fruit in the mix to go along with the cream rich pudding. Made with milk from selected farms and prepared without gelatine, the ‘sauce’ element of the product is silky, creamy and lovely.

Landliebe Milchreis mit Apfel from Germany |

So, this 150g pot from Landliebe has a lovely thick, creamy consistency… and it would be a delicious rice pudding but for the overall texture.

It’s like the rice isn’t fully cooked through and it’s taking al dente to the extreme. The plump grains have a hard, dry inner core that ends up powdery as they’re broken down by chewing. I’m certain this is a German preference though and not a brand issue, as the Müller Milchreis I mentioned at the start of this review was exactly the same.

Landliebe Milchreis mit Apfel from Germany |

It’s unfortunately just one of those things about living in Germany… Yes there’s rice pudding, but not as you know it.

Have you come across anything abroad you expected to be the same as at home, but had been reformulated?

7th August, 2017
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