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Milka Marzipan-Creme Bar |

I’m not used to seeing marzipan as a chocolate filling, so when I saw this one from Milka it went into the shopping basket.

Priced at €1.09 it works out as about £1 for the bar, meaning it’s hitting the same rough price point as the Cadbury bars of similar design. I’m rather fond of marzipan in general, so surprisingly this bar sat in my cupboard for a good month before I thought to try it. Why? Because I assumed that all Milka chocolate was sweet milk chocolate, just like the UK Cadbury bars. It isn’t. 

I opened the easily resealable wrapper (still love that feature) and found something that looked like a dark chocolate. A mixture of surprised and confused, I flipped the pack to check the all important ingredients description: “Dunkle Alpenmilch Schokolade”. Yup, it’s a dark Alpine milk chocolate! I’ll have to admit I got a bit more excited about this bar at this point!

Milka Marzipan-Creme Bar - Dark Chocolate encasing a Marzipan Creme centre |

Filled with 35% marzipan crème and 10% cocoa crème, the darker chocolate does a great job at offsetting the sweet sugary middle. The dark chocolate isn’t a bitter one, being just as smooth as their milk chocolate offerings, only darker and less sweet. It’s really rather good.

Marzipan makes up 15% of the bar, forming a surprisingly smooth filling with a decent, gentle almond flavour. I’m not sure exactly where the cocoa crème filling comes into it, if I’m being honest. It wasn’t something I found to be visible or notable in any case. Of course, this being Milka/Mondelez the chocolate does include plant fats (Palm, Shea) along with all the other usual suspects.

I’m going to have to talk about the bar design though. It’s got a breakability issue.

Milka Marzipan-Creme Bar - Dark Chocolate encasing a Marzipan Creme centre |

I’ve tried this Marzipan-Crème bar both at room temperature and straight from the fridge. It doesn’t matter its temperature, the chocolate blocks just will not cleanly break away. The filling is soft and it wants to break along the top layer. You can see from the pictures where the pieces have shattered – the clean cut to show the centres in the foreground was done by a knife and there was still a little bit of shattering going on. The pieces in the background were broken off by hand. Unless you’re going to use a knife to cut a portion of this off before resealing, you may very well end up eating your way through the majority of the bar before getting a piece that breaks as a complete square. Watch out for falling chocolate shards if you’re attacking this one whilst sat on the sofa!

Milka Marzipan-Creme Bar - Dark Chocolate encasing a Marzipan Creme centre |

Marzipan and chocolate is a great combination that’s not often available in the UK. Waitrose tends to stock the Ritter Sport bar with a marzipan filling – but other than that, you’re off to Hotel Chocolat for their expensive (but delicious) Sleekster range. Would I recommend this Milka bar? Sure – It is what it says it is, shattering chocolate pieces aside. If you’re looking for a marzipan-chocolate combo, give it a try!

21st March, 2017
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  • Reply LauraDaisyChain

    I love Marzipan- I remember when I visit Austria some years back I basically filled my hand luggage with those Mozart marzipan balls you can get…haha.

    21st March, 2017 at 5:26 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      I’ve been to Austria twice and seen those… I didn’t realise they were marzipan though! I thought they were pistachio! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them lurking somewhere around Munich though. My husband will thank you for the new addition to my shopping wish list 😉

      21st March, 2017 at 6:27 pm

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