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Lindt Lindor in a Mango Flavour |

Lindt have brought a new range of Lindor out for the summer season: Mango!

I saw these in a window display at the Karlsplatz Lindt shop… but they didn’t have any on the shelves! Now clearly I managed to pick some up (the following week, as it happens) and I’m not sure if it’s just a pet peeve of mine, but I happen to think that if a shop is advertising something, they really should stock it! Anyway, moving on.

Lindt Lindor in a Mango Flavour |

The Google Chrome German translation is fun, so that’s what we’ll go with:

With the Lindor mango balls, the Maîtres Chocolatiers of Lindt bring out a new, limited edition. Your summer secret: under the soft cover of the finest white Lindt chocolate, the Lindor mango balls conceal a fruity exotic filling that melts infinitely tender on the palate. Let us look forward to sensual summer pleasures! | Lindt

Lindt Lindor in a Mango Flavour |

These Mango Lindor comprise a white chocolate shell with mango coloured flecks and a cool, melty, creamy mango flavoured interior. Those orange flecks in the outer casing are slightly crisp though not especially noticeable when munching. They do make the chocolate look pretty though.

Appearances aside, I have to tell you I didn’t like these. When I cut through the Lindor ball to get an internal shot, the smell made me think of candles. I’m not sure what exactly made me think of it and I wish I could articulate it better… but there we are.

Lindt Lindor in a Mango Flavour |

Initially the fruity mango flavour is quite good. It tastes like it’s based on real fruit and if mango chocolate is your thing, you might like them. My problem comes after the middle of the munch. Whether it’s the standard Lindor texture that didn’t work for me, when my brain was saying “candle”, I’m not sure. I just didn’t enjoy the flavour with the rich, mouth coating white chocolate melt. It seemed, somehow… Overly thick.

I actually wished it was a yogurt flavoured coating, rather than white chocolate. For me, I wanted something sharper that cut through the richness and I think the mango would be better balanced against something brighter. That being said, the chocolates are exactly what the label suggests… They’re mango flavoured Lindor centres, smothered in Lindt white chocolate.

So I’m sorry Lindt, but these just arn’t for me. Though I hate throwing things away… I’ve had four and that’s more than enough.

6th June, 2017
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  • Reply K. L. Phan

    But… they look so good….although now that you’ve compared it to a waxy candle, that’s all I’m seeing. Oh well! Though, I have to know, was it a mild mango or an overpowering flavor of mango after consuming? I like the mild flavored things, especially with fruity chocolates. Nevermind the fact it’s not dark chocolate, so only one consumption in forever at a time! Hadn’t seen these yet in the market, there’s always Lindt chocolates for every occasion. My personal favorites are the sea salt dark chocolate ones. Do give those a try? Mmmm… best part, I don’t have to share them because they contain sea salt. Hehehe.

    6th June, 2017 at 4:57 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      And I really didn’t want to make that comparison but that’s what my brain went with. For you, I just went and ate another.

      It’s been really warm recently so the inside was meltier than when pictured. The flavour is good (and still tastes like it’s been made with real fruit) but that wasn’t my issue in the first place. Unfortunately, I still don’t like the way the white chocolate clings in combination with the mango flavour. It’s odd, because I love their other white chocolate based Lindor, like Strawberries and Cream.

      It’s just one of those things!

      And it’s a mild mango flavour. It’s just right really, not overpowering and not weak either. Flavour is good. It’s just the texture didn’t work for me with this flavour combo.

      6th June, 2017 at 5:44 pm

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