Review: Mandeln in Nougat from Lindt

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Product Review: Mandeln in Nougat from Lindt |

I found these Mandeln in Nougat from Lindt in a proper Lindt store. So I’m a little confused as to why I can’t find this exact product on their website!

The closest I can get is this: Weihnachts-Tradition Gebrannte Mandeln – Which looks mostly the same, but isn’t quite…

Product Review: Mandeln in Nougat from Lindt |

In any case, these came back with me from Rothenberg ob der Tauber. I’d eaten a fair few whilst wandering around the town, so that’s why the bag is so crumpled up! Aesthetics of packaging don’t change the product inside though, so let’s take a proper look.

Product Review: Mandeln in Nougat from Lindt |

These are almonds in almond nought and white chocolate. They’re irregularly sized lumps of creamy white, dusted in icing sugar. According to the packet, there’s 43% almond nougat and 43% white chocolate in these things, with an overall almond content of 32%.

Product Review: Mandeln in Nougat from Lindt |

The white chocolate almond nougat coating is really thick and very creamy. It tastes like an almond infused white chocolate, which I suppose it actually is. Though vanilla isn’t listed on the ingredients, I’d swear there’s some approximation of vanilla in here. “Flavourings” do rock up on the ingredients list though…

This product is definitely at the sweeter end of the white chocolate spectrum, though I suspect the additional powdered sugar coating has a helping hand with that.

Product Review: Mandeln in Nougat from Lindt |

The soft, creamy white outer conceals a whole or half almond heart. It’s crunchy and plain – no salt. Weirdly I’d have liked a little bit of salt to offset the sweetness. I can actually only eat a few of these in one sitting, otherwise they tip over into the ‘too sweet for me’ category.

I like the texture contrast between the crunchy nut and the thick, creamy coating. I’m not sure the extra confectioners sugar is necessary but I realise it’s adds to the festive appeal. They’re €2.99 a bag, so if you’re a lover of sweet white chocolate and almonds and fancy treating yourself, I’d say you should give them a try.

22nd November, 2017
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