Review: Luflée Alpenmilch from Milka

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Milka Luflée Alpenmilch Bar from Germany |

Fancy having a look at a beautifully bubbly bar of Milka chocolate? Alliteration optional. 

Take your usual Milka chocolate, stuff it full of bubbles and you’ll get a bar of Luflée. Say it with the right accent and you’ll be calling it “Lovely” instead. I’ll wait a moment whilst you try that out loud. Try not to choose a crowded space!

Milka Luflée Alpenmilch Bar from Germany |

This chocolate bar conceptually reminds me of Nestlé Aero. Their original version is a milk chocolate bar, filled with an aerated, bubbly, solid chocolate filling. For those unfamiliar, have a quick glance at their website here. If you’re more interested in an audio-visual description… May I please direct you to a semi naked Jason Lewis in a British Aero advert from 2007? Honestly it’s the only Aero advert I remember. Successful marketing campaign, eh?

Milka Luflée Alpenmilch Bar from Germany |

What can I tell you about this Milka Luflée then?

Milka Luflée is the delicate chocolate flavor of delicious alpine milk chocolate made from 100% alpine milk. |

There’s a sweet, creamy chocolate aroma on opening the packet. But we expected that, right? However I was surprised by the appearance the bar itself – there’s no easy way to snap and share this one! Assuming you’re in a sharing mood, that is…

Despite it’s awkwardness I do like the rounded shape of the bar. I think it’s fun and sets the scene nicely.

Whilst the surface is a smooth chocolate shell, flip the bar over and you’ll see all those internal bubbles on the underside. Luflée’s flakey and a little crumbly when snapping a piece off, thanks to those tiny air pockets. You’ll probably end up losing a fair few chocolate crumbs in the process, but it’s worth it as it’s just such an enjoyable chocolate bar to eat.

Milka Luflée has a light, meltable texture and is, quite frankly, delicious. Creamy and sweet, there’s not much else to say! It’s Milka. With Bubbles. And it’s really very nice indeed.

27th April, 2017
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