Review: Löffel Ei mit Milchcrème from Milka

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Milka Löffel Ei - German Milka "Spoon Egg" for Easter |

Literally translated, this is a ‘Spoon Egg’ with a milk creme filling from Milka.

Those of you in the UK might recognise the product I have here as “Egg ‘n’ Spoon”. Milka, like Cadbury, is owned by Mondelez which leads to many Cadbury products having Milka counterparts.

Milka Löffel Ei - German Milka "Spoon Egg" for Easter |

Available with Milk Creme, Cocoa Creme and Hazelnut Creme fillings, these eggs come in cartons of four or as individual 34g eggs in their own little plastic container. You can have a look at their full range on the Milka website.

In the image above, the orange cow print eggs in the purple carton are the cocoa filled variety, priced at €3.69. For this review though I’m looking at the individually packaged egg, costing €1.39 each.

Easter eggs made from delicate Milka Alpine milk chocolate filled with a delicious milk cream filling.

As with the UK product, the packaging has a little warning telling you to wash the small, purple plastic spoon first. It does seem a little odd that this needs to be the case, particularly as they’re selling what I’d consider to be an individual, portable sized portion. Opening the packet to wash and repack the spoon doesn’t seem quite right, honestly.

Milka Löffel Ei - German Milka "Spoon Egg" for Easter |

That niggle aside, the chocolate shell has a nice cocoa-y milk chocolate flavour. Thanks, Alpine milk! It’s soft and not brittle, meaning the entire egg casing doesn’t shatter as you somehow dispose of the top piece of ‘shell’. I thought about trying to jab my spoon into it and lift it off, like a real boiled egg… but I (rightly?) realised that was the path to disaster and splattered chocolate egg…

So I bit it off. No points here for delicacy.

Milka Löffel Ei - German Milka "Spoon Egg" for Easter |

The tiny (now washed!) spoon does indeed fit perfectly into the inside of the egg. The filling is light, sweet, fluffy, milky, creamy and mousse-like. It melts readily and leaves that fatty sort of coating on your tongue that comes from things using vegetable fats. That’s not to say it’s bad. It isn’t. It’s just an aspect of this kind of product.

Milka Löffel Ei - German Milka "Spoon Egg" for Easter |

I’m a fan of novelty, childishly fun things like this. There’s a time and a place for expecting more from food and this isn’t it. If you’re buying a chocolate product aimed at children, you’ve got to expect a) cuteness, b) sugar and c) more sugar.

If you’re after something chocolatey, cute and fun for Easter – this is for you. I particularly like that they’re sold in individual (if expensive) single units. It makes it easier to be an impulse purchase – it doesn’t feel as naughty as buying four!

16th March, 2017
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  • Reply Dana

    I’ve been eyeing this treat for several years now 😂 Interesting to read your take on it, thanks!!

    16th March, 2017 at 6:14 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      Thanks for stopping by to have a look! It’s not an everyday sort of treat, but once or twice in the run up to Easter? Sure, I can handle the kiddie sugar load. 🙂

      16th March, 2017 at 8:14 pm

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