Review: Limited Edition Cinnamon and Muscovado Sugar Tortilla Chips from Manomasa

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Limited Edition Manomasa Cinnamon and Muscovado Sugar Tortilla Chips |

Cinnamon and Muscovado sugar on a tortilla chip? Interesting idea, but does it work?

On my recent visit to England, whilst wandering through Waitrose I saw a bag I recognised. Not because I’d tried it before – but because I’d marveled at the notion ever since reading One Treat at a Time’s review of them. One Treat’s review is great, so you should head over there and have a read of it. The link will open in a new tab, so click away! 

I first discovered Manomasa‘s addictive White Cheddar tortilla chips at a gorgeous deli in Harrogate. Not all their flavours are successful for me but as they’ve recently started appearing in one of the main supermarkets here in Bavaria, it’s interesting to see just how far a British brand can reach out. Big question though, would I like the Cinnamon and Muscovado Tortillas?

RECIPE No. 31 crunchy sweet tortillas. Delicious COCOA NIBS with a caramelised rich dark taste of MUSCOVADO SUGAR & maple. Lightly punctuated with CINNAMON & clove spice & creamy buttermilk.

Alright then, there’s quite a lot more going on here than just cinnamon and sugar.

Limited Edition Manomasa Cinnamon and Muscovado Sugar Tortilla Chips |

Appearance wise, there are plenty of circular shaped whole tortilla chips in amongst the broken ones. The back of the packet oddly states “SHAPE: A perfectly round CIRCLE for the ultimate sweet snack”. I’m genuinely confused as to why or how the shape is relevant to it being an ‘ultimate’ snack. I think I might have been having a moment when I wrote my snack notes on these… “Eh? Does the shape matter? What about the broken bits?” Moving on…

These tortilla chips are loaded with cocoa nibs from Ghana and the Ivory Coast. The ingredients list has them at 3% but they’ve got such a strong smooth dark flavour that you’ll swear there’s more. They’re everywhere. In fact, after munching a few of these I found cocoa nibs to be the predominant flavour. But…

I was promised cinnamon. It’s the biggest word on the packet. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t and it readily gets consumed by the cocoa. Like One Treat, I found the cinnamon sugar coating to be inconsistently applied. If you, for scientific reasons and in the hunt of cinnamon sugar, lick the surface of a chip you’ll find that the cinnamon sugar is really nicely balanced. It’s not a sugary sweetness thanks to the use of muscovado but it’s good, rich and strong.

When you find a chip with plenty of cinnamon it’s a really nice snack, lingering on the savoury side of sweet. As advertised, yes, there’s a touch of maple but only when you find a chip with a reasonable dusting of sugar. There’s also a subtle creaminess underneath but thankfully no buttermilky tang.

Unfortunately as the cinnamon sugar is a bit hit and miss combined with the plethora of cocoa nibs, that’s really what I think you’re buying here. A cocoa nib tortilla with the occasional hit of cinnamon.

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    I swear it took longer reading the packet than it did eating the damn things 😅
    They could have been so good!

    6th March, 2017 at 5:42 pm
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