Review: Lemon Energy Bar from Chimpanzee

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Chimpanzee Lemon Energy Bar |

Last week I reviewed the Apple & Ginger variant from Chimpanzee. This time I’m going for the Lemon one.

When I reviewed the Apple and Ginger Energy Bar, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the price point or the sugar contents but as I really enjoyed the flavour I thought I’d give the brand another try. With my brain missing the glorious flavours of Nakd’s Lemon Drizzle I was quite looking forward to Chimpanzee’s Lemon Energy Bar.

The pack tells me it’s: All Natural – Non GMO – Gluten Free – 9g Protein

Light in colour, the bar is filled with the same millet-rice-crisps as with the Apple and Ginger bar. They help give the 55g snack some airy crunch and a nice bit of texture contrast. I found the Lemon Bar’s overall texture here a little fudgier than the Apple one though, possibly as it didn’t contain dried pieces of fruit throughout the bar. Lemon paste is listed at 7% and other than cashew nuts I don’t see any other fruit based additions that would bulk it out. The varying kinds of sugar do show up again, however.

Chimpanzee Lemon Energy Bar |

You may have noticed I’ve not mentioned the flavour yet. That’s unfortunately because I didn’t like it. The balance of it is treading a fine line that lands for me as somewhere near washing up liquid. Unlike with Nakd, the lemon flavour isn’t bright, zingy and strong. It’s missing something. I wanted more depth and something fresh on the tongue. The lemon paste is made with diced dried lemon, sugar, glucose syrup, concentrated lemon juice, acidifier citric acid, flavour and gelling pectin…

For my €1.99 I wanted more out of this product that I got. I can’t quantify its success as ‘Performance Nutrition’ as that’s not what I bought it for but as they have a range of other flavours, you should have a fair amount of choice should you wish to try a different incarnation of it. For myself however I can’t see a situation where I’d want to buy one of these again. Whilst I was borderline on price point vs value before, I’m now sitting in the ‘not for me’ camp.

29th March, 2017
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