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Product Review: Review: Knoppers NussRiegel from Storck |

Being a relatively new release from Storck, it took me a little while to find the Knoppers NussRiegel. But when I least expected it, there it appeared – in an expensive ‘corner shop’ at an S-Bahn station!

And when I say ‘corner shop’, I don’t literally mean it’s on a corner. In the UK, it refers to a type of shop (that you can often find on the corner of a street). It sells magazines, ice creams, sweets and drinks, cigarettes and a few household items.

So, the Knoppers NussRiegel. Yes, with the capitalisation exactly like that and the two separate words for ‘nut’ and ‘bar’ becoming just one entirely new, long word.

Via Google Chrome Translate,

Knoppers nut bar – the first bar in Knoppers way. Simply unique, unusual, delicious. | Knoppers

Now I’ve tried Knoppers before and I didn’t honestly understand the fuss. This bar though? It’s really rather good.

Storck have taken the original ingredients in a Knoppers square and reformulated it into a bar, like a Mars or Snickers. They’ve added extra chopped hazelnuts, a layer of caramel and covered it in milk chocolate. Sounds good, right?

On opening the packet it smells sweet and milky, though once I cut into it the hazelnut aroma got me. And despite everything going on in here, it’s deceptively light in texture.

The nut studded caramel is soft (rather than chewy) with a gentle flavour. The chocolate creme layer is light and smooth, save for the little bit of nut here and there. Naturally, the wafers are light and crisp with the thick milky layer coming through all of that nicely.

There’s a decent, definite hazelnut flavour throughout and I think these are much more to my taste than Knoppers. I’m a total caramel lover though, so that does make sense. It’s chocolatey, milky, nutty yet light and very demolishable. The bar is interesting in both flavour and texture and despite everything going on, all the constituent parts work well as a unit.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this bar and would be happy to buy this one again. Thanks for caramel addition, Storck!

9th November, 2017
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