Review: Kleine Marmorkuchen from Dr. Oetker

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Kleine Marmorkuchen from Dr. Oetker in Germany |

This little 43g Marmorkuchen (Marble Cake) from Dr. Oetker came in a multipack of 4. Being individually wrapped, they’re great for lunchboxes – or that moment when you want a piece of cake but struggle with portion control. The important question though, how does it taste?

I’ve a feeling the finish is supposed to be a bit smoother. Somewhere along the way though this Dr. Oetker cake has struggled a bit with the heat of a Bavarian summer…

Possible meltyness aside, this is a solid little piece of cake! So often these multipack variants are made with a light and airy sponge that just doesn’t give that “I’ve had a chunk of cake” satisfaction. This glazed marble cake is a lovely soft sponge with a pleasing denseness that delivers a properly cakey bite.

It’s sweet enough without being overwhelming. The cake itself is infused with a fake (but not unpleasant) vanilla flavour, with a semi-sweet chocolate taste coming from the slightly waxy glaze. Thankfully it tastes as though it’s made with actual chocolate! So whilst the texture might be a little bit false, it delivers a chocolatey enough hit to satisfy.

Interestingly though, the glaze leaves the base of the cake uncovered. You can see where the strip of cocoa cake has been added to the vanilla. In the two portions I’ve had, neither looked ‘marbled’ like the package artwork. I can’t say I was exactly bothered by that though.

Each portion comes in at 202 kcal, which isn’t so bad for a solid little piece of glazed cake. Naturally a product like this will always struggle in comparison to something homemade… If you go in expecting something other than a mass produced cake, you’ll be disappointed.

That being said, for what it is, I think it’s pretty good. I like the fact it’s a decent piece of soft sponge, rather than something airy and lacking substance. Whilst the texture of the glaze isn’t exactly to my taste, it does the job well enough in delivering a cocoa-based hit.

Overall? Not bad!

9th August, 2017
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