Review: KitKat Chunky Coffee Choc from Nestlé

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Kit Kat Chunky Coffee Choc |

Combine coffee and chocolate and I’m there. This multipack of coffee flavoured Kit Kat Chunky bars got snapped up in double-quick time!

Given that I’m reviewing something, it’s important you know my bias. I’m partial to a Kit Kat Chunky. I’m also partial to a nice coffee, whether it’s hot or cold. Coffee flavoured chocolates? I’m always game to try them. I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this Kit Kat!

Kit Kat Chunky Coffee Choc |

I’ve not seen this variety in many places as of yet, only in store at Hit and online with Lidl.  They’re produced for the German market though, as the top line of ingredients is in German: Knusperwaffel (19.2%) überzogen mit Kaffeecreme (19%) in Milchschokolade (61.8%). Cocoa is at least 26.9%.

The bar comes in at 42g and 75 Kcal per portion. Eh? Yes! They’ve split the portion information into the 14g blocks the bar is nominally divided by. I don’t know about you but I find it highly unlikely anyone is going to take the time to try and chisel a third of the bar away and save the rest for later. For us folk that buy a bar of chocolate and eat the thing, it’s 225 kcal.

Kit Kat Chunky Coffee Choc |

On opening the packet there’s a lovely, sweet, milky coffee aroma. Bite in and you’ll get that familar Kit Kat chocolate flavour and the usual crisp and delicious wafer. Structurally it’s just like a normal Kit Kat Chunky, except with a layer of coffee flavoured creme along the top.

There’s a mild and lovely coffee flavour to the bar, hiding no bitterness at all. It’s a smooth flavour that distributes well with each bite – unless you’re someone who likes to deconstruct their foodstuffs, layer by layer. Whilst Nestlé call it ‘Coffee Choc’ I think it could easily be marketed as a “Mocha Latte”. The coffee creme is gentle but not wishy washy. It’s sweet and delicious.

Kit Kat Chunky Coffee Choc |

With it being a Kit Kat there’s really not overmuch to say about it. There’s not even any product information on the Kit Kat website!

If you like milky coffee and Kit Kat Chunky bars, you’re going to love it. If you prefer your chocolate dark or take your coffee as espresso, this perhaps isn’t for you. Clearly I liked this one – I even poured myself a cold coffee milkshake to enjoy afterwards!

18th April, 2017
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