Review: Joghurt mit der Ecke Rom from Müller

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Product Review: Joghurt mit der Ecke Rom from Müller, Germany |

The Joghurt mit der Ecke Rom from Müller is the German version of a Müller Corner yoghurt. I’ve actually been looking for this release for ages. Months, actually. Yes I mean that literally. Then out of the blue, barely a week or so before I’m due to leave the country… there it was!

La Dolce Vita: The Müller yoghurt with the corner of Rome sweetens life in an Italian way. Creamy yogurt with vanilla flavor and butter cookies with coffee and chocolate coated in the small chamber promise intense enjoyment. | Müller

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On lifting the lid, I was surprised at the intensity of yellow in the yogurt portion. It’s all very egg-yolk custard-y. Like the couple I tried at Christmas, this Corner didn’t have a watery yogurt. Which makes me wonder, is the recipe different here or am I remembering the British version as worse than it actually is?

Anyway, the yogurt isn’t naturally thick and luscious like a Mövenpick, but it’s certainly thick enough to be pleasing – as long as you’re ok with a more ‘processed’ type of product. It’s got that sweetened, artificially created vibe about it. With only 5% fat in the yogurt though, it’s to be expected. Flavour wise, it’s sweet and vanilla-full. Not word, don’t care.

Moving on to the biscuit portion, it’s a butter cookie with quite a substantial coating of coffee flavoured chocolate.

The lid ingredients list 3% coffee in the mix with the dark chocolate coating – and it packs a surprising flavour hit. I wasn’t expecting the flavours to be so strong, with the coffee being rather punchy and the dark chocolate adding a touch of bitterness. The crunchy biscuit is pleasant enough, though the chocolate is a little on the fatty side – but it melts easily in the mouth and is, overall, quite nice.

It took my brain a little while to try and work its way around the flavours going on here. By the end, I rather liked it but I’m not entirely certain that the two things work entirely well together. Rather than blending from the off, the flavours are all quite separate and individual. I’d actually love to see this made with a mild coffee latte style yogurt portion, as I think that’d suit it better. That being said, this is a product I’d consider buying again. Y’know. If I was still living in Germany. 

6th February, 2018
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