Review: Japanese KitKat – Sakura Matcha – from Nestlé

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Product Review: Japanese KitKat – Sakura Matcha – from Nestlé |

I left this Sakrua Matcha KitKat to last, because it was the one I was least sure about. Matcha can be a bit hit or miss for me, so let’s find out what I thought!

Picknicking under a Sakura cherry tree in full bloom is an old custom in Japan, and in spring traditional Sakura flavoured sweets are very popular. Kit Kat Sakura Matcha subtly combines Sakura flavour with fine Matcha green tea. | Sakura Matcha KitKat @ TofuCute

The box is pretty, with the cherry blossom flowers… though I can’t help but think the matcha looks more like green pea soup.

It’s fine though, I know it’s my uncertainty around matcha overall doing that in my head. And the lack of tea cup handle to give my brain the culturally learned nudge that it’s a cup of tea.

On first sniff… it smells sweet, like cream. There’s a hint of matcha green tea and something floral.

On first bite…

Right. Okay then. This needs more than a bite.

On second bite… It’s full fat cream and matcha upfront, with a floral cherry blossom note in the middle.

It’s subtle but balanced and though my first bite was mostly “uh no, what is this I’m putting in my mouth?”, my second bite was “maybe”.

By the third bite, the KitKat was almost gone… But I ate the second whole KitKat straight after the first and decided that I loved it. My experience with this one very quickly went from confused and “no thanks” to “yes, more please”. Japanese KitKats are like that.

Do I think this would be popular in the UK? No. Would I personally buy this one again? Yes. Thumbs up!

21st June, 2019
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