Review: Hollandse Fritten Saus Crunchips from Lorenz

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Limited Edition Hollandse Fritten Saus Crunchips from Lorenz, Germany |

An unusual looking Limited Edition flavour crisp? Get back! They’re mine!

Alright, that might be a bit extreme (what do you mean? Bloggers don’t hyperbolise!) but I honestly didn’t read anything of the packet before it went in my shopping basket.

The most delicious taste from Holland! | Crunchips

Alright then, let’s see about that!

Limited Edition Hollandse Fritten Saus Crunchips from Lorenz, Germany |

With the taste of an original Dutch fries sauce, with deliciously creamy Mayo flavor and a fine mustard note. | Crunchips

For the unaware, chips with mayo is definitely a thing here. It’s a combination I’ve always enjoyed, just as I also happen to like chips with thousand island dressing or cocktail sauce. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! Theoretically, this flavour combination for Crunchips makes sense to me.

Limited Edition Hollandse Fritten Saus Crunchips from Lorenz, Germany |

I was wondering how Lorenz were going to make a potato chip taste reminiscent of mayonnaise. Turns out, they haven’t exactly bothered. What these chips are, dearest people, are mustard flavour. The chip starts out lightly sweet, before taking a nose dive into the realm of yellowy condiments.

The packet claims a ‘note’ of mustard but it’s far stronger than I expected. Now then, we’ve got to keep in mind that mustard is quite a German obsession. It comes in all shades, varieties and flavours. It’s beloved and I’m quite sure my solitary pot of Maille Dijon is shameful for a German kitchen. So whilst my tastebuds found these fairly mustardly-potent, I’m not convinced Lorenz’s target audience would feel the same.

Limited Edition Hollandse Fritten Saus Crunchips from Lorenz, Germany |

Ingredients list onion powder, hot paprika powder, fructose and garlic powder as well as ‘flavouring’ which contains milk products, in addition to yeast extract powder. These crisps may also contain gluten.

If I were to give a product description, I’d say they’re like a mild mustard sauce infused crisp. The flavour isn’t harsh but there’s definite mustard-heat behind it. They’re unusual but actually very good. I think you’d be disappointed in these if you really wanted a mayonnaise flavoured crisp, as to me, these arn’t.

Other than that, Lorenz has produced some decently sized chips with a good, light crunch. They’re not particularly greasy and if you happen to like a mustard flavour, they’re pretty good! We destroyed the bag in one sitting, which tells you something. Probably.

19th June, 2017
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