Review: Giotto Haselnuss from Ferrero

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Product Review: Giotto Haselnuss from Ferrero in Germany |

These Giotto Haselnuss from Ferrero were pretty much an impulse purchase in the checkout aisle. You know how there tends to be some sweets, chewing gum and that sort of thing stacked near the till? Well that’s how I came to pick these up. Yes, I know that’s the point of putting things there… but it works!

So where shall we start? With the BEST Google Chrome translation I have ever seen. Ever. It’s just magical.

GiOtto is a hazelnut bottled texture with knacked hazelnut bitches and fine hazelnut magnifycreme, by original Italian recipe. |

Yup, these totally have knacked hazelnut bitches. I mean, the magnifycreme is cool an’ all, but bitches need knacked hazelnut.

Alright alright, let’s go back to the Deutsch.

Giotto ist eine haselnuss-gebäckspezialität mit knackigen haselnuss-stückchen und feiner haselnuss-magermilchcreme, nach original italienischem rezept. |

My German is still (and will forever be) poor, but this basically says Giotto is a hazelnut baked speciality with crunchy hazelnut pieces and a fine hazelnut-skimmed milk creme, from an original Italian recipe. No bitches in sight.

Product Review: Giotto Haselnuss from Ferrero in Germany |

Let’s get down to the review, eh? The things I thought before I went online and found the GiOtto website.

This is a small, hazelnut-nibble encrusted wafer with a milky hazelnut creme centre. Naturally there’s a good, nutty texture to these – given that they’re covered in nut bits, that’s to be expected.

The balls are surprisingly light in texture, despite the plethora of nuts on the outside. The nuts cover a wafer shell, though it’s a fairly standard effort as far as wafers go. It reminds me of wafer ice cream cones that are pretty pointless to eat. It’s no Manner, that’s for sure.

Product Review: Giotto Haselnuss from Ferrero in Germany |

Inside that wafer shell is a milky nut cream. It’s actually rather mild and nicely sweet, melting away quickly and leaving the nutty bits to chew on (and dig out of my teeth, if I’m honest).

This is a product (unsurprisingly) that doesn’t veer too far from the Ferrero Rocher model. This company is skilled at putting tasty things inside a mediocre wafer and covering it with nuts. In this case, we’re going sans whole hazelnut centre and ohne chocolate (i.e. without).

Product Review: Giotto Haselnuss from Ferrero in Germany |

You know, as I was eating them (and they’re nice enough, by the way) I actually kinda missed the chocolate part. It made me want a Ferrero Rocher. In any case, these GiOtto are light, mild, nutty, milky and crispy on the outside but smooth on the inside. I can see them going well with coffee… but honestly? I want to try and find the chocolate version, as I think they’d suit me better.

12th October, 2017
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  • Reply Amy (@seeksnewtreats)

    That translation! You’d have thought that Google might’ve got a bit savvier on the translate front. Hold that thought. Long may they stay the same, at least it provides some much needed mirth. These look delish but I think I’d miss the chocolate too…

    13th October, 2017 at 12:30 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      I’m not sure any translation can ever be better than this one. It makes me happy just to think about it! 😀 Long life the Knacked Hazelnut Bitches!

      13th October, 2017 at 1:35 pm
  • Reply Olga from

    I didnt miss Ferrero Rocher while eating theese. I like them more. In fact, they are my favourite Ferrero’s pralines.

    PS I agree, they not too far from FR, which are my chocolates no.2 🙂

    4th November, 2017 at 8:43 pm
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